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Advantages of SLA rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2014-09- 06 10: 58

1. Advantages of SLA rapid prototyping system:

(1) Any complex shape part that can be formed, including as shown in Figure 2- 5 hollow parts shown: the complexity of the part is not related to the manufacturing cost, and the more complex the part shape, the more it can reflect the advantages of the SLA.

(2) The molding cycle of the part has nothing to do with its complexity. The conventional machining method is that the more complex the shape of the part, the longer the manufacturing cycle of the work and mold, the greater the difficulty, and the SLA molding, the layered overlay method is adopted, so the molding cycle has nothing to do with its shape.

(3) The molding accuracy is high, and the fine structure can be formed, such as the thickness is 0. Minor structures such as thin walls and small narrow seams below 5mm; The surface quality of the molding body is smooth and good.

(4) The molding process is highly automated and can basically be unattended without requiring high-level operators.

(5) High molding efficiency, for example, it takes only 4 hours to form a set of mobile phone housing parts, and only 4 hours to form an impeller part with a size of 130X 130X 30mm, it takes 12 hours to form a impeller part with a size of 240X240 X 300mm.

(6) No production preparation for cutting tools, fixtures, tooling, etc. , no high level of technical workers, high strength of the forming parts, up to 40- 5OMPa for cutting and splicing.

(7) It completely solves the problem that can't be seen and touched in CAD modeling.

Advantages of SLA Technology

1. The light curing molding method is the earliest rapid prototype manufacturing process, with high maturity and time-tested.

2. The prototype is made directly by CAD digital model. The processing speed is fast, the production cycle of the product is short, and there is no need for cutting tools and molds.

3. It is possible to process prototypes and molds that are complex in shape or difficult to form using traditional means.

4. Visualize the CAD digital model and reduce the cost of error repair.

5. To provide samples for the experiment, the results of computer simulation calculation can be verified and checked.

6. It can be operated online and can be controlled remotely, which is conducive to the automation of production.

hair dryer back cover prototype for SLA prototype model

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