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affordable 3d printer smashes kickstarter goal

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Yesterday, a small 3D printer that can be placed
Remind everyone of the usefulness of Kickstarter.
After its debut in April 7
Funded website, Micro
Called \"the first real consumer 3D printer\" by its creator\"
More than $50,000 in fundraising targets in a day.
In order to achieve this goal, there are still 27 days left, and the project has earned $1.
8 million, from more than 6,000 supporters.
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First of all, it is much cheaper than other 3D printers on the market.
According to the current price tag of $299, the mini-car is priced at $1,000 lower than MakerBot\'s similar products. Related: Sci-
Fi came to the kitchen with Micro\'s creator, 3D Food PrinterM3D LLC, claiming Micro could be \"out of the box \". . .
Both beginners and experts.
\"Has micro-function of PLA or ABS material, as well as standard 1.
75mm thread shaft.
However, due to its size, it can only print objects within the 7x7 inch sphere.
Consumer reaction to WeChat priceto-
The use of aesthetics is powerful, although many questions remain, about how or why Joe ordinary people use micro in a dayto-day basis.
The CNET report on the success of Micro has triggered a series of comments on the potential use of micro by consumers, and reviewers have regarded Micro as a desktop tool for engineers or designers, consumers can replace hard with it at home-to-
Find car parts, miniatures, and even Lego toys.
Regardless of the application, the project has received great support on Kickstarter.
At the time of writing the article, pledge support added thousands more dollars.
Micro plans to enter the production phase in August and September and ship units to all supporters by March 2015.
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