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affordable desktop 3d printers for rapid prototyping.

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
The two new 3D printers have a higher price and a wider range of options for modeling and rapid prototyping.
Available from 3D Systems, RockHill, S. C. , are the V-
Flash desktop modeler and ProJet SD 3000 forin-office model-making. * V-
Flash, priced at $9900, finished making the model in a few hours.
It is based on its new film transfer imaging (FTI)technology.
Use smart, low
Waste ink cartridges that also store worn parts of the printer. V-
Flash has reportedly built a durable prototype with excellent surface quality and functional details.
The building volume of 486 square meters. (3).
It can make multiple models at the same time without the Z-
Highly rare. [
Slightly] Illustrations* pro-
Jet SD 3000 takes advantage of the company\'s proprietary featuresJetModeling (MJM)
Technology, designed to provide very smooth surfaces and tiny feature details for parts, including concept development, design validation, shape/fit testing, and product presentation.
It is especially suitable for high-end consumer packaging, electronic components, medical devices and clothing accessories.
The company\'s MJM \"hands-
It is said that even the most exquisite part features are easy to remove the free \"supporting material \". A single-
It is said that the design of the print head can provide maximum production speed for large parts or full parts
Platform build for smaller components.
Unitis is said to use standard power to provide clean, quiet operation, enabling fully cured parr to be handled safely from the machine. (803)326-4080 * www. 3dsystems.
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