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After Breast Cancer, Women Prefer Silicone Implants

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

new study shows that women who receive silicone implants after breast cancer surgery prefer reconstructed breasts than women who receive saline implants.

The finding comes after years of controversy over silicon implants, which some women and consumer groups fear could leak and cause health problems, including cancer and arthritis.

But on 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration canceled

The silicone gel breast augmentation was banned after the agency and the Medical Research Institute concluded that these devices did not cause major diseases.

Some women with breast cancer undergo surgical removal of one or two breasts, and many choose to undergo reconstruction surgery after treatment. Dr.

Plastic surgeons at Sloan Memorial Hospital Colleen McCarthy

The Kettering Cancer Center in New York says surgeons tend to choose the cosmetic effects of silicone implants, but the preferences of patients have not yet been well studied.

'This is another treatment decision that women face when they start choosing implant types,' Dr. McCarthy said.

'They asked, 'What will you do?

What did the woman tell you?

We have no answer. ”Dr.

McCarthy and her colleagues asked about 472 patients who underwent post-breast cancer reconstruction, including 176 women who had silicone implants and 306 women who had saline implants.

Overall, according to a report published online in the journal Cancer, women who received silicone implants were more satisfied with the look and feel of their breasts.

'Women tell me that the feeling is more natural and they prefer the look,' she said . '.

'Both implants can wrinkle a little, but the silicone will wrinkle less.

It's about how she feels when she touches her breasts, how she looks naked and dressed.

The study noted that over time, women were not satisfied with the implants regardless of the silicone or saline implants they received.

Sometimes scar tissue is formed and the area around the implant becomes stiff.

If a woman has only removed and rebuilt one breast, the problem of asymmetry may arise over time as her natural breast age grows. Dr.

McCarthy pointed out that the insurance reimbursement for silicone and saline implants is the same, and the surgeon does not have the financial incentive to recommend an implant.

Women receiving silicone implants are advised to undergo magnetic resonance imaging approximately three years after surgery to ensure that the device is not cracked or leaking. Dr.

Despite the new findings, many women still choose saline implants, McCarthy said.

'Women often say, 'I just don't need to worry about anything else,' and these women often choose to continue with the salt water injection,' the doctor said. McCarthy said.

'Ultimately, women must make choices that match their values and preferences.

'Comments are no longer accepted.

I believe that women who rebuild with their own organizations are more satisfied with their results.

I don't see much coverage on DIEP, TUG, SGAP, etc.

For someone who wants to tell it, there is an interesting story-specifically about the cost of these surgeries, who did it in private hospitals and some academic plastic surgery programs, where did they do it.

In the face of double breast resection, I asked my boyfriend what he thought: should I put silicone implants, saline implants, or go far, do a more rigorous surgery with my own tissue?

'If it's my car, I want real GM parts,' he replied . '

So I used the abdominal flap and I have been satisfied since then.

That was about 15 years ago.

It was a physical-intensive surgery that was expensive and did leave scars on the abdomen, but I never went back for further surgery.

The comments are good, but the plastic surgery industry is well known that more than 90% of women now choose silicone instead of saline for breast augmentation and reconstruction.

The upcoming article (Salzberg et al. )

It will be published on PRS and will describe about 400 women who have been implanted with silicone for 8 years of experience in direct implant reconstruction.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am personally very happy with my DIEP reconstruction.

After a lot of research and a fair review by an excellent plastic surgeon, I chose to use my own organization.

It's a bigger surgery that requires more training and skills from surgeons, guess what?

Insurance reimbursement is rare.

Why are they doing this?

Because they love their careers.

In the short term, the implant is more profitable and takes less time and training.

However, nearly 35-

At some point, 40% of women have problems with them.

Insurance company.

When this happens, expect the patient to be on another plan.

Pay tribute to all plastic surgeons who are willing to train for a longer period of time and take on more educational debt, so that they can provide patients with the latest breast reconstruction.

My suggestion is to seek an academic program;

You will receive top-

Because it's really about nursing.

Not the bottom line.

Then there is a choice of not rebuilding at all . . . . . . It would be interesting to know how many of us are satisfied that there is no further procedure.

I struggled for years for the decision to rebuild the double DIEP and finally decided to live like I did.

Over time, I was wondering why I would have my body undergo any further voluntary surgery.

Now, I am calm and happy with my decision.

#5 Kat's comments make sense to me.

But, of course, it is easy for me to say that as a male, there is no need to make such a decision.

I can only imagine how terrible this is for a woman . . . . . . It is better for men not to put pressure on their women to choose surgery.

Our culture does put enough pressure on us.

Desire, including sexual desire, is not based on the breast . . . . . . Especially between partners with a common history.

No big deal . . . . . . Or at least not.

However, to be honest, I don't know what I will do in the face of this situation.

The silicone scared me.

I'm afraid of surgery.

It would be great when writing about breast cancer and risk, and if the New York Times mentions the amazing DIEP and SGAP surgeries that other reviewers have extensive experience with breast implants, breast augmentation is not the only choice for women with breast cancer.

In addition, when writing about high-risk young women, it is frustrating that the only story published is about women who are brave enough to undergo mastectomy before being diagnosed with cancer.

It's a hard thing to do, but in the absence of surgery it will live with your genetic mutation.

All of us are struggling, and our story is worth telling, whether we take the 'radical' route of preventive surgery or the more aggressive and covert route of enhanced surveillance.

Whether it's silicone or saline, women should realize that breast augmentation is not a product of a lifetime.

Due to the rupture or hardening of the tissue around the implant, they need to be replaced at least every ten years, if not earlier.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45 and had a mastectomy.

Although I was initially betrayed by the idea of immediate reconstruction, when I did more research, i'm starting to realize that it's not worth it for me to go for an extra or ongoing surgery or a risk of complications just for cosmetic breast enhancement, no nipple sensation(

I'm not a candidate for the new nipple.

I am not overweight either by retaining a mastectomy, so I am not wearing or wearing a flap. )

Also I need to lift my left breast so it can 'match '--more surgery.

I'm happy to wear silicone outside!

My prosthesis looks great.

Even in a swimsuit, no one could tell I was wearing it.

Finally, what does it say about our society that we are so eager to 'normalize' the appearance of women who have lost their breasts or breasts due to cancer?

While I am happy that women who want to rebuild can be rebuilt and that surgery is safer and more successful than ever before, it does make breast cancer more invisible.

Rebuilding can help us feel better about ourselves and others.

But what does the side effects of breast loss and cancer treatment mean for women's sexual behavior, not just their appearance, where is the discussion?

Are we more willing to talk about real prevention?

Not just personal 'lifestyle choices', Early discoveries, advances in treatment, allelusive cure —

If we see evidence of a female breast cancer epidemic around us every day?

It was a very personal decision and no one should tell another woman what she 'should' do.

It is useful to have a report on other women's experiences to help make this decision.

When I had a mastectomy about 30 years ago, I chose an implant and the only option at that time was silicone.

The decision was based on problems in my own life and I was not going to tell anyone else that she should do the same.

I can tell her that I'm still happy with the decision and don't worry about the asymmetry of my other breasts when they get older.

I'm a survivor of double breast cancer.

At the age of 49 in 2006, I was diagnosed with a breast with stage 1 cancer and due to the location of the cancer, there was no other treatment option other than mastectomy.

I don't need chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

I'm a 5-foot, 4-inch and 125 pounds-inch skinny man.

I don't have enough belly fat for DIEP reconstruction.

At the time, my plastic surgeon said that rebuilding the back muscles with silicone implants was my best choice.

Unfortunately I have left chronic pain, and this year I have had 2 neuroses to stop the laggy muscle from pulling the breast mound to my back and causing my shoulder to move forward

I have chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.

On January 2010, I had a preventive mastectomy on the left breast and immediately did 1-

Use the steps of skin reconstruction (

Grasp the body muscles of the breast mound)

Silicone Implant for use

As far as the appearance of the breast is concerned, the breast beauty of the back muscle looks much better than the outer skin breast.

They provide full coverage on silicone breast implants, so that wrinkles and ripples in silicone are invisible.

The outer skin breast has significant breast ripples inside the breast.

After six months of initial reconstruction, I asked the plastic surgeon to return to the breast, add more body muscles, and try to add more thickness and coverage, hoping to eliminate wrinkles and ripples.

I also reduced the size of the implant.

Neither of these changes helped.

I was told that the thin stripper who had breast implants had the same problem with visible implant ripples and folds, and that men were used to ripples.

It didn't make me feel better.

I hate that today's silicone implants need to be monitored with breast MRI after 3 years to check for implant rupture and then every 2 years for the rest of the implant's life.

The cost of MRI is $1,500 and needs to go to the hospital with intravenous contrast.

Because of my deductible, insurance doesn't pay an MRI today.

Maybe after Obama cares.

I also hate the implant feeling under the muscles of the chest.

It feels like a stone under my muscles (

Even if the implant itself is soft).

To prevent the muscles from pulling forward, I stretch my chest every day.

I look forward to getting rid of the implants one day.

I know GAP is an option for natural tissue, but have you read the possible side effects?

No thanks for nerve damage.

I even thought about adding a bunch of weight to DIEP, but plastic surgeons just looked at me as if I was crazy.

I look forward to real innovation in breast reconstruction one day.

One day, a woman does not need to cut a part of her body in order to get a breast replacement.

I said, 'I am happy to hope that the women who have been rebuilt can be rebuilt and that the reconstruction process is safer and more successful than ever before.

'I agree that one person should tell others how to deal with this difficult and very personal decision and no one is the right choice.

My point is that when we restore our appearance, we hide the evidence of the disease so that it is more acceptable.

I'm also implying myself here: I'm wearing a prosthetic leg.

While this may make us personally feel the need to empower even on a personal level, it also makes us, as a society, avoid taking the collective responsibility to prevent cancer in the first place, by cleaning up the environment and regulating toxic chemicals and other known and preventable causes of disease.

While silicone implants may be more desirable due to appearance, they are not more favorable for health issues.

When the silicone implant is cracked, it is often overlooked, so women who receive these silicone implants are advised to undergo an MRI examination in the third year after surgery.

I believe the idea of replacing saline implants with silicone implants reinforces the importance of beauty for health.

It seems that women will go to any extreme to touch their bodies in order to be beautiful women walking down the street.

Knowing that we put our health and life at risk in order to gain beauty is a terrible recognition.

While the appearance of silicone implants may be more popular than that of saline implants, I hope people are looking at the pros and cons of each implant.

This is a very timely column for me because I had a second phase of reconstruction last week.

I was 29 years old and underwent bilateral mastectomy and then delayed reconstruction with lat flap and tissue extender.

I chose the silicone implant because I wanted something more real than the salt water looks and feels.

I can understand the point after rebuilding your body 'hidden' or 'normalized'cancer.

I think people who have not experienced breast cancer may not know what it feels like to walk around with an unreconstructed body. Well-

It means that strangers will give you expressions of sympathy and compassion, and those who are not very considerate will stare directly at you.

Although I don't mind the emotional energy needed to go out in public on a case-by-case basis becomes overwhelming.

I know the pink question-

Ribbon culture and brush length-

Breast cancer survivors face long-term effects, but I don't want to be a poster girl for alternatives.

I love the reconstruction of my flap.

DIEP after bilateral mastectomy at age 45.

I don't like the initial extender for the implant.

Recommended implants as I don't have enough material to do two breasts.

Before the last implant, an excellent surgeon told me, 'I can find this material if you have children.

'I'm sitting pretty now.

Yes, it was a long procedure, but in the end it was my own free maintenance material.

Wonderful website after reconstruction: a photo.

ComPaigeNo one person needs to go out publicly without filling in their numbers, contrary to the suggestion of Meredith @ 13.

Strangers never need to know!

We have to make sure women know all their options.

Includes a variety of external breast forms for those who accept reconstruction and those who choose not to rebuild.

Like Cindy did in her post, I am also looking forward to the radical innovation of breast reconstruction.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem as silicone implants (

Cohesive gel type)

In two breasts: pain and discomfort, pulling and stretching the big chest muscles before and after.

As a result, my shoulder pulled forward and affected my posture, and I have not been able to get decent sleep to relax since surgery in October.

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time can cause more muscle contractions and more pain.

Although the aesthetic effect of my surgery is very good (

Skin/nipple retention method)

I am currently considering other options: remove the implant completely and keep it 'flat' or DIEP surgery.

I want to live in a comfortable environment without worrying about the impact of computer use on my daily life or about replacing implants every 10 years (

I had a mastectomy when I was 41. .

The New York Times may ask itself what public interest it has in printing the article: Another study based on 'feeling', checking only one aspect, and also by a doctor?

Before the operation, I signed many documents about the danger.

Effects related to implants.

But no one mentioned the simplest basic problem: what can happen to your body when you insert foreign objects under the muscles of your chest.

Live with it.

We are often told something irrelevant: you can play tennis, swim, and perform as usual.

Well, not necessarily.

It's time to start really talking about the reality of mastectomy surgery and implants, put the pink ribbon downsense.

Implants are just imperfect equipment.

One thing about silicone implants.

When I was doing a health insurance agent, women with silicone implants were rejected on the new health insurance policy.

I'm not sure if this is universal, but some are really good.

Known health insurance companies do not undergo silicon implants.

This summer, after my bilateral mast, I was also trying to get an implant.

I was in my forties and was surprised by the pressure to rebuild.

I have been delaying my decision to undergo an implant and very seriously consider not having an implant at all.

My clothes look good and the idea of doing another surgery after breast cancer makes me think twice.

For me, I am happy that there is no cancer and that the new breasts are no longer so important to me.

Breast reconstruction is different from women who have a 'chest job' and they decide whether to have a breast or not will always be reminded of their 'cancer' or 'pre-cancer'

Cancer 'or whatever causes her to undergo a mastectomy in the first place . . . . . . .

Her scars will never disappear. .

Inside and outside . . . . . . You will always be reminded of your destruction . . . . . . Doing breast reconstruction for me is another way I decided to lose my breast before I had cancer.

With a Chance of over 75%, I would have invasive breast cancer in the breast and in intensive tissue with microcalcium stoves and fibrocystic breast changes (

It's hard to detect cancer even with a mammogram)….

Because it lost so many family members . . . . . . Grandma, aunt. GRANDFATHER.

The uncle and the list read 'Yes, grandpa and uncle '(

No skip generation)

Eat with mom.

Let me realize that there may not be a cure now.

But if I lose my breast, it will be my condition, not the condition of breast cancer.

This is powerful for me . . . . . . Of course, I may still get it, but, I have reduced my chances by more than 90% by rebuilding the bilateral preventive mastectomy immediately.

Of course, I had the day of crying, and then I asked myself why I did it in the first place, then remember how breast cancer stole my loved one from me I can't let it steal me from my loved one . . . . . . I'm 35 years old . . . . . . I'm not going to wait for someone to tell me that I need to live my breast through chemo and fight for it. .

No woman with a very high risk should be told she has cancer until she has a higher chance. .

If you get on the plane, be told 'there is a 45% chance the plane will crash '. . . . . . .

Will you continue?

I know I won't.

So the silica gel of the salt water v and how dissatisfied the woman is with the salt water . . . . . . I don't think this has anything to do with one or the other . . . . . . Losing the breast for any reason is painful . . . . . . Letting them rebuild, in any case, the implant or your own body tissue will still not replace our loss and anxiety about the future.

Yes, it will make us feel better . . . . . . The most important thing is to thank us for not losing our lives . . . . . . .

But when we look in the mirror, we are always reminded.

I really admire a woman who decided not to change her breasts . . . . . . It was a woman full of beauty, confidence and grace, and she also knew that her breasts could not define who she was . . . . . . .

This is a very brave woman for me and a woman I really admire.

I would also like to say that I appreciate that I can rebuild and that some women can't because of the cost and hope they can rebuild.

So when we complain about silicone or salt water or something. .

Think about women who wish they could rebuild even their breasts . . . . . .

Maybe we will appreciate it because we have FOOBS.

'Lost my ability in my way,' Thanks for the good news.

Another popular breast augmentation technique is breast augmentation with saline water.

If the saline implant leaks, the sterile saline solution is absorbed by the body without harm.

I checked the link/salt water-implants.

Great information was found.

This is why saline is used for clinical applications such as intravenous therapy and wound care.

The leakage of the saline implant can also be easily detected as it causes the implant to shrink rapidly.

Silicone implants leak slowly due to thicker gel.

This makes it more difficult to detect leaks, which is particularly harmful because silicone can migrate to other parts of the body if they are not found in time.

I had surgery after the first stage of aDCIS was found on the left breast, but since the incision was not clean, I needed a second surgery.

I decided to do a thorough mastectomy and I was also worried about my right breast.

After surgery, the pathologist found a small tumor in my right breast tissue.

This was not found even after many biopsies, mammograms, and MRI-guided biopsies!

I immediately rebuilt with tissue extender and later silicone implants.

Rebuild the nipples with breast skin and tattoos.

I didn't need any treatment because I had cancer early on.

It all took two years.

I'm OK, it looks good, but it has to be said that the implant feels uncomfortable.

I hope this is just a habit!

MitziI is trying to figure out which implant works best for me.

I had DCIS on my left breast and had a mastectomy on December.

I have no cancer now.

I'm about 60.

My cancer is not caused by hormones.

I 've been wearing an organization extender and soon I have to make up my mind.

I keep hearing that salt water doesn't feel real.

The idea of a sudden flat day sounded terrible.

But I think it's safest.

I wonder if it really matters because it doesn't feel incredibly real.

I basically just want to balance.

As far as I know, the silicone implant is more prone to SAC shrinkage.

Unfortunately, a trial has just been conducted in California with the new rubber bear silicone implant.

Good luck to me> Breast Reconstruction brings more than just the anatomy of women.

It is a pleasure to hear about developments in this area.

I'm glad I found the story.

The comment thread provided me with information I couldn't find anywhere else.

After reading Cindy's story, I decided not to rebuild it.

I hate to see a doctor, and the last thing I want to do is extend this torture.

I'm only 40 years old, but I'm always plain. chested (-cup)

It sounds like these implants are really uncomfortable.

I swim 10 miles a week and I am worried that this will end with implant surgery.

I tend to have very serious scars, so I don't think it's a good choice to use my own tissue.

I seem to have seen some pictures of women choosing tattoos to cover the scar of mastectomy rather than reconstruction.

This is probably a good choice.

year ago, I had a mastectomy when I was 67, kept my nipples and rebuilt immediately.

Three months later, my other breast was lifted and enhanced to match the reconstructed one.

So I have silicon implants of different sizes, one for each breast.

No matter whether you have clothes or not, the beauty effect is very good.

I have no cancer and my breasts now look better than before.

The most difficult part is to decide on a mastectomy, thus avoiding radiation and medication.

Maybe at some point in the future I will have complications or need new implants, but at this point I am happy with my decision and results.

I did not look in the mirror or see cancer survivors.

I saw my idealized version!

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After Breast Cancer, Women Prefer Silicone Implants

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