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Aging infrastructure, fluctuating temperatures

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Each time the water is mainly rested, a team of workers in Regina City takes action to resolve the problem.

In winter, this may mean dealing with cold temperatures, fine work when wearing gloves, slipping on the ice sheet caused by the leak, and the loss of vision by the steam plume.

'When we're outside, it's an interesting challenge in the cold of this water flow,' said Pat Wilson, director of water engineering at Regina City.

'We have all the right equipment for our employees so they can be safe.

We set the rules for rest and heating for them, but this is a challenge.

'Even with the help of the residents of Regina, it is not an easy thing to determine where to rest.

There are more than 200 kilometers of pipes underground in Regina.

'We are trying to isolate this issue,' Wilson said . '.

'Sometimes it's not as easy as you think.

Water can travel dozens of feet under Frost, sometimes hundreds of feet.

'Every year, the city has an average of 184 major water disruptions, and the worst month is actually September due to soil dryness and temperature changes.

At 2016, there were 74 breaks and two more than 2015.

In winter, when the frost began to spread further down the ground, the fear of the main rupture of the water came.

2014, 6 Frost.

Underground 5 feet

'In 2014, the road through the prairie was terrible,' Wilson said . '.

'Our lines are often --and-a-

Half underground to 8 feet

We think the frost is down only 4 feet now.

When it reaches five to five, we get nervous-and-a-half feet.

The cold weather will bring the frost down, and the frost will fall deeper if it is warm next.

Snow also played a big role in preventing major breaks in winter.

'These extreme temperature fluctuations are difficult for us,' Wilson said . '.

'We want it to remain negative --

Teenage years, not low20s.

The snow is covered and we don't have much now, which makes it insulated.

beautiful snow will keep things in a better state.

'Some areas of the city have more than half a century of plumbing, which can lead to further risk of breakage when the ground moves.

'In the 1960 s and 1950 s, a significant amount of infrastructure was put into use.

Infrastructure is entering a critical period, 'said Wilson.

'We see some increase in the pipeline.

We do work on it and plan our alternative.

'At the moment, the biggest risk comes from cast iron pipes, some of which have been around for nearly a century.

Many cast iron pipes were replaced in the 1980 and 1990 s, but there are still several kilometers away in awkward places.

'We are trying to replace it or have it lined up so it can extend its long life,' Wilson said . '.

'Before Christmas, we made a cast iron main on 17 th Avenue and Elphinstone Street.

We will do our best to be ready.

'In the future, with the use of modern technology for pepper placement and repair, water pipe breakage will not be too much of a problem for Regina residents.

'We probably just went through a period of rest and replacement,' Wilson said . '.

'People will benefit from better technology in the future.

Aging infrastructure, fluctuating temperatures, can cause big problems for water pipes

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