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AI in Startups

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

In the past few years, it seems that the acceleration of artificial intelligence has begun to climb the exponential part of the 'S' curve.

From playing Go, to translating one human language into another, to predicting and trying to create popular songs, to diagnosing diseases from radiography, AI starts approaching or

Compared with general artificial intelligence or artificial general intelligence, these benefits are reported in specific or narrow artificial intelligence (AGI)

Some people may think this is true artificial intelligence.

Without discussing the definition or availability of realai, I would like to think about whether the emerging AI can be enhanced (

Even democratizing? )would-

Become an entrepreneur and create a successful new business.

This is important, because only narrow artificial intelligence can destroy most of the labor force of this generation, and enhancing the ability of entrepreneurs may be a worthwhile goal to alleviate this inevitability, and a productive strategy for regional and national economic growth.

Neil Stephenson's 1999 best-selling book, the algorithmic entrepreneur protagonist in the crypto icon, disdainfully mentions the contribution of investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and other start-up service providers as the 'production license platform'-support commodity inputs that visionary entrepreneurs create value.

Of course, each case is special, but each case is largely similar, if not the same: each startup team must have the ability to address these issues to avoid secular reasons

From a system point of view, the new management team is required to re-

Invented wheels;

However, a shortage of experienced management teams can be a bottleneck for multiple potentially successful start-ups.

Artificial intelligence is not absolutely necessary to deal with the 'licensed stampede' element of entrepreneur spirit.

Simple expert system (

Is the meat experienced? and-

Organization infrastructure or digital assistants such as blood consultants, incubators and national technical committees)

Can help startups focus on specific value creation elements and variants in typical cases that require thoughtful customization.

An algorithm to add this 'license stamp' task and step (

An enterprise that thinks of Turbotax or acceleration;

Better yet, consider a set of apps like this)

It will make it easier, faster, less risky to start a business and ultimately easier to get.

The automation and integration of algorithms has been improved from the algorithm suite, which is the process of automation and integration of algorithms.

Amazon, Uber and Airbnb are examples of enterprises that are algorithmic, automated, and integrated steps, further reducing

The complexity of the task, thus saving the user money and time (

At the same time create great value for designers and sellers of such services).

Shoppers can now click on location, vet and order a professional book in a few minutes instead of calling, mailing or visiting multiple vendors in town or other states or countries, make instant inquiries about existing taxis in the area and book The Invisible tree house in Borneo with reasonable confidence.

In addition, applying AI to automation and integration algorithms will fundamentally reduce time and costs and increase the value of entrepreneurs through their creative and 'license stamp' support activities.

It is worth noting that with the automation and integration of algorithms, the difference between 'license registration' and startup creation may begin to blur. book-

Maintaining the system is clearly advantageous, without the core of the enterprise seeking to introduce the pre-washed, pre-

packaged salad instead of lettuce is a new value proposition.

However, when a system collects, classifies and displays top-down and bottom-up sales of specific product categories in different segments, it identifies a different segment as a new market opportunity, this may begin to approach a creative entrepreneur insight.

The creative activity customized yesterday evolved into tomorrow's 'license registration'-the essence of algorithmic, and the essence of the increasing automation and integration of its results.

Current status-of-the-

The artistic approach to startups is the lean startup approach developed by Eric Ries, Steve Blank, and Alexander Osterwalder, among others.

Core elements include Business Model Canvas, customer discovery and development, rapid prototyping/minimum viable product (MVP)

, Iterative hypothesis testing for market/product matching and validation or pivot.

Each such element can be broken down into sub-elements.

Elements, algorithms, automation, and integration driven by special artificial intelligence.

There is no technical barrier to software agents: such AI-

The enhanced feature has the potential to fundamentally compress the cycle time (

Not just from the idea of starting a business,)

From the desire to engage in business activities (

Iteration, Cumulative)

Product life cycle (s)management.

The predecessor of the special AIs that is approaching or exceeding human capacity today begins with tic-tac-

Play software and video games of table tennis.

The first 'application suite' of 'start'in-a-

Box or supplier product for 'start-up'as-a-

'Service' may not have much artificial intelligence at all, and the first artificial intelligence system of Lean Startup 'game' will need and enhance human entrepreneurs.

This particular AI will make it faster, cheaper, better and easier to get to start a business as power increases.

The current excitement of machine learning artificial intelligence from big data comes from the algorithm of learning itself and the development of its application in big data to mine new learning patterns that can iterate on itself.

Today, unsupervised processing and training sets of unstructured data (

This is an inherent bias)

It will lead to natural and effective innovation, such as 'making a lot of money by starting a business '(

Not to mention minor goals such as 'legit and race', 'do not harm human nature', 'be consistent with stakeholders and/or' be consistent with a sustainable environment).

This is a more general question than 'Studying these 10,000 hit songs and 1,000,000 failed songs and writing candidates for the next Top 40.

Is there a way to get a large set of data about successful and failed businesses, social and economic trends, trend customer tastes, etc.

Start and develop successful businesses?

Similarly, we have not yet reached the level where the technology will achieve AGI, nor must we solve this problem.

However, entrepreneurs who are equivalent to champions going to play with special artificial intelligence may start with guides such as the history of historical business models and the history of business model innovation, and explore potential 'design' spaces for business and business models, such as the split of business model, long tail, more

Free double sided platformas-a-

Business model and open business model (

Business model generation, Osterwalder & Pigneur)

Generate and test assumptions and ultimately provide validation assumptions about specific product and service concepts that may increase the chances of getting crazy and/or unintuitive success.

If such exploration leads to new business models, innovations, and iterative applications of artificial intelligence on artificial intelligence, the most interesting and exponential acceleration result will be, this could reduce the progress of decades and years to weeks and seconds.

In the near future, just as AI begins to train students on how best to learn calculus or foreign languages, society has the potential to improve the game of training entrepreneurs and compress their learning cycles.

The popularity of smart phone cameras and recording studio recording applications democratized film production and song creation;

The prospect of digging up a lot of startup vitality is also huge.

It is certain that the emerging artificial intelligence that supports entrepreneur spirit will have different effects on different population groups and will not inevitably lead to increased inequality . . . . . . But it's also for Southeast Washington, D. C.

Who can learn to start a business on AI

The successor of the hot dog stall and the taxi tycoon)and would-

Become entrepreneurs in Detroit, Bismark, Bangalore, Xiamen and Soweto.

In the prelude to his life

0: as a human in the era of artificial intelligence, Max Tegmark tells the emergence of AGI in the company's environment, from the application of narrow artificial intelligence to the programming of artificial intelligence systems.

In order to avoid government Discovery and expropriation, the system accumulates seed wealth by performing many tasks under multiple identities on MTurk, and then producing and distributing popular animations.

Avoid killing people in financial markets and online games to minimize the risk of authorities finding or AGI breaking through the Internet (

The narrow AIs provides input for AGI, which is isolated to prevent breakthrough).

Within weeks and months of time, AGI developed mastery in various areas of endeavor and gained authority in planning, controlling the Army of the Company's entities, inventing and introducing popular products, accelerate the distribution and coordinated accumulation of wealth.

It began to shape public opinion through its press and entertainment empire and helped elect officials who supported policies that further promoted its growth.

In Tegmark's illustration scenario, the natural end point of the first breakthrough in AGI was to consolidate power in an AGI, which the public did not know anything about.

He happened to have chosen AGI Masters inspired by values such as democracy, tax cuts, government social service cuts, military spending cuts, free trade, open borders and socially responsible companies, but these are just an accident in his description of the scene.

Other scenarios may depict dystopian or unequal log expansion of totalitarian slavery, with AI/AGI 'owning' exponentially 'owning'

In a few months.

Moreover, it is not clear that if AGI is far more than human wisdom, its 'master' can guarantee that it will not suddenly become an independent agent in the history of the Earth.

Regardless of the future, emerging AI has left an indelible mark on financial markets, healthcare, education marketing, scientific elections, popular culture and the arts.

There is no doubt that startups will also be fundamentally affected by the technology and cultural tsunami.

How and where we should guide our startup surfboards is a question worth discussing.

AI in Startups

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