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Air Force fast tracks new war machines

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

The Air Force is implementing a new rapid weapons strategy

Track some high-

Priority War systems including satellite sensors and supersonic weapons

52 engines, nuclear missiles and combat sensors.

'We want to speed things up earlier and bend the metal immediately for learning, rather than wasting time on paper,' said William Roper, assistant secretary of Air Force, acquisition, technology and logistics, the audience was recently told at a seminar at the Air Force Association.

Roper explained that this approach requires rapid and early prototyping of new weapons to quickly identify effective methods.

He explained that, of course, this approach presents a certain level of additional risk, which is a necessary part of the process.

Although the intention is never to fail in the battle

Failure is an opportunity to learn and make adjustments quickly.

Early technical adjustments in the acquisition process are easier to implement and are critical to keeping up with the threats that are expected to arise.

Roper talked about using a Pentagon rapid development plan called '804 middle-level acquisitions.

'The plan was approved by Congress a few years ago to release funds earlier to achieve rapid growth. NAVY'S TORPEDO-

Armed spy planes are tracking China's nuclear submarines, and it is no mystery why the US Navy is so energetic in emphasizing this approach;

According to Pentagon observers, potential U. S. rivals are building technology at an alarming rate.


According to comments consistently made by Pentagon leaders and senior weapons developers, satellite weapons, hypersonics, artificial intelligence and stealth platforms may be surpassing or at least seriously matching the technological advantages of the United States.

According to Roper, a handful of important weapons systems are now benefiting from accelerated acquisitions.

Some of them include buying new business engines for the historic B-

52 bomber, find a system, platform or network that can bring JSTARS

Like War in high-threat areas.

JSTARS is a large platform with a large radar logo and is expected to be near-peer, high-

Threat areas with advanced air defense systems. With its wide-

In areas covered by geographical sensors, the aircraft is very effective in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the US's air superiority is not threatened. New Space-

He said infrared sensors capable of identifying enemy missiles launched from space will arrive three years in advance.

'We are building a brand new sensor,' Roper explained at AFA . '.

Given China's recent test of supersonic weapons, no one at the Pentagon has lost, and it's not surprising that the Air Force is citing rapid progress in its massive accelerated supersonic weapons program.

The work is currently progressing smoothly and is moving towards the stated Air Force goal of having a saleable supersonic weapon within a few years.

Zuckerberg put forward a vision for 'privacy'

Focusing on 'social networks,' Roper said, 'We can't use Cold War acquisitions listlessly for every project . '.

Innovation like digital engineering is fast.

Improve the development of weapons by supporting computer modeling of weapons systems.

This may lead to the possibility of avoiding many years of design experiments and early construction --

Focus on what is the best choice.

One example of this approach, Roper says, is the emerging new arsenal of ICBM, called the ground-

Based on strategic deterrence (GBSD).

'With digital engineering, we can see 10 to 20 designs,' he explained . '.

Given the aging of the militia iii icbm, the project is becoming a central stage for the Air Force.

The service has awarded two development agreements to Northrop Grumman and Boeing and plans to launch an early prototype as early as next year.

Modernization for -wing

Warthog also gained the benefits of digital engineering, Roper added.

On last June, Roper sent a letter across the Air Force detailing this 'quick acquisition and prototyping' process and referring to the initial success.

'So far, we have approved or are in the process of carrying out eight rapid acquisition activities, with a potential timeline of about 25 years accelerating,' the letter said . '.

Roper stressed that most of this rapid progress, even the fate of the US military, may depend on the speed of software development.

Weapon upgrades, new systems, computer programs, sensors, and targeting technologies can all be substantially improved or changed through software upgrades.

Roper sometimes even says that the software itself may be the determining factor in who wins the future war.

'We need to think about how to develop software in different ways.

Historically, we have been having a tough start in business. ups.

'The contract process we are working with small innovation companies is too slow,' Roper said . '.

'You can have the best aircraft, but you will still lose a war if you don't have the right software.

TWITTER's Jack Dorsey says the company may be 'too aggressive' in banning certain accounts, which is a good example of the whole future of Year 5, to be clearGen F-

22 birds of prey, by software.

Roper quoted F-

22 as he said, 'F-

22 continuous flow of software delivery.

'He may be referring to any of the software --driven F-

22 upgrades, including a recent Air Force against F-22.

Air Force weapons developers often call it 'agile acquisition,' F-

22 under the premise of hardware configuration, fuselage, weapon rack and sensor, progress has been made

Can be changed by software upgrade.

These two new weapons have been tested and developed for several years and are an advanced variant of existing weapons --the AIM-9X air-to-

120-air missiles and AIMD. The new AIM-

9X will shoot further and provide the pilot with a larger aiming envelope.

The developers of Lockheed have partnered with a variety of helmets and display systems to add 'non-

The aiming ability enables the pilot to attack the enemy from various new angles. Raytheon AIM-

9X weapon developer told warrior that The Block 2 variant adds a redesigned lead letter and Digital Ignition safety device that enhances ground handling and internal controlflight safety.

Block II also offers newer electronics with significant enhancements, including lock-on-after-

According to a statement from Raytheon, new weapons data links are used to support launch capabilities beyond the visual range.

Another part of the weapon upgrade includes the design F-

22 launch aiming-

120D, an advanced media beyond the visual rangeRange Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM)

Designed for all weather-and-night attacks;

According to Raytheon, this is a 'fire forgotten' missile with active radar guidance. The AIM-

120D is by increasing the range of attacks, GPS navigation, inertial measurement units and two-

The Raytheon statement explains the way the data is linked.

As the Air Force and Lockheed Martin advance the F-

22. industry developers explained that of course, there are also corresponding software that needs to be upgraded to adapt to emerging future threats.

Ultimately, this effort will lead the Air Force to draft a new F-22 sensors.

Roper stressed that the modernization efforts, adjustments or innovations that could be achieved by these software demonstrate the importance of better linking the scientific and technical initiatives of the service with existing documented weapons programs.

'We can't predict the enemies of 2030, and we can't build an air force to beat them,' Roper said . '.

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Air Force fast tracks new war machines

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