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air new zealand to use 3d printing to create aircraft cocktail trays

by:Tuowei     2019-09-06
Air New Zealand says it has created cocktail trays for its business class using 3D printers and is looking to better control replacement inventory and reduce manufacturing costs to further leverage the technology.
The airline\'s goal is to install pallets in the coming weeks after receiving regulatory approval.
\"A big advantage of 3D printing is that it allows us to make costs.
Bruce Parton, Air New Zealand\'s chief operating officer, said in a statement: \"Effective lightweight parts themselves, and do this quickly without compromising safety . \".
Additive manufacturing or 3D printing for building objects by adding layersupon-
Layers of materials such as plastic or metal.
This technology poses a threat to traditional manufacturers who may increasingly see customers making parts or products themselves.
Air New Zealand wants to use 3D printing more because sourcing aircraft parts from manufacturers is costly and causes storage problems, says Parton.
\"We usually only need a small number of units, it can be very expensive to produce using traditional manufacturing methods, and it can lead to frustrating delays when delivering replacement parts,\" he said . \".
Aircraft and aerospace companies are increasingly looking to produce engine parts by adding materials.
Air Jet won the United States. S.
Last month, the Air Force signed a contract to set standards for 3D printing rocket engines.
Rocket Labs signed a contract with NASA and private companies to provide low
Launching a cost rocket from New Zealand this year has designed the world\'s first 3D printed rocket engine.
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