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Airbus has begun 3D printing parts for its planes

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Will the miracle of 3D printing stop?

Every day, the printing bed of the machine seems to have revolutionary things, whether it is life

Aochuang helmet size (

Okay, maybe it's not revolutionary)

Artificial Shell of turtle or Cobra by Cobra sports car.

This time, it is more than 1,000 aircraft components of the AirbusA350 XWB jet.

Made by the United StatesS. -

Israeli company Stratasys on a FDM 3D printer, the parts take advantage of the new light but sturdy materials used today, such as Airbus-

Certified ULTEM 9085 resin, also in compliance with flame, smoke and toxicity.

Production speed is another major attraction for Airbus 3D printing.

In fact, efforts ahead of the deadline prompted Airbus to switch to Stratasys, which was not only able to make parts on time and cheaply, but also reduced raw materials and energy by 90%.

For Dan Yalong, executive vice president of business development, marketing and vertical solutions for 3D-Stratasys

Printed parts represent the future of aircraft production. He said:The 3D-

Printed parts are 30-55% lighter than traditional parts, and are also ideal for the greater efforts of airlines to reduce aircraft loads, mainly seen in carbon emissionsfiber-

Enhanced polymers for the production of 350 and Boeing Dreamliner.

Airbus has begun 3D printing parts for its planes

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