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Aircraft wings and submarines': World's largest

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

An Australian-

The metal 3D printer that makes aircraft wings, Hull, submarines and rocket bodies is becoming a global game changer. CSIRO-

Supported clothing Titomic will officially test the world's largest metal 3D printer in front of the crowd for the first time at the unveiling ceremony in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Before pressing the start button on mega

The sixth machine of ASX

The best performing company in 2017 is promoting the technology as the biggest innovation.

Metal manufacturing on a scale for centuries.

'The reality is that when you look at the metal industry, there is no fundamental change since 5000,' Titomic boss Jeff Lang told AAP . '.

The Greeks invented the process of digging resources from underground, melting them and folding them into metal shapes.

'When we talk about standard metal printers, they are still based on this basic technology.

Our process is completely against this.

'Unlike other metal and plastic 3D printers, CSIRO-patented, cold-spray process -

Known as Titomic kinetic fusion

Speed titanium and other particles in gas

Power Jet flow. Pre-

The programming robot then shoots out the metal mixture at the rate at which the metal mixture is fused to the scaffold material.

'It's kind of like throwing a ball on the wall,' Mr. Lang said.

'When the ball hit the wall, I threw it so hard that it would deform.

'The project was born in a 2007 study when the federal government was looking for a way to take advantage of Australia's rich Titanium Resources, not just to export metals.

'Our idea is to sell this technology.

Put it on the map. . .

'Push the titanium powder,' said Mr. Lang.

The machine of 40 m 脳 20 m is capable of producing metal objects of 9 m long, 3 m wide and 1 m. 5 metres high.

But it can be configured as a larger setting.

'We believe that this is the first in the world at this scale and capacity,' Lang said . '

'We know this building --

The speed of the parts is 45 kg kilometers per hour.

Generally, normal metal 3D printers have about 1 kg in 24 hours.

'The main feature of this technology is its versatility, the ability to produce all the products from limited medical implants, bike racks and luxury luggage to larger automotive, aerospace and defense parts.

However, the ability to blend different metals is another feather of the printer's oversized lid.

'This means that designers and engineers can now go back to the drawings and imagine parts that were impossible to produce in the past,' Mr. Lang said . '.

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