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alberta deaths linked to tainted ecstasy on steep decline

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Health officials reported a sharp drop in lethal excess doses associated with toxic street drugs often sold as ecstasy, but warned that the chemical did not disappear from the black market.

Officials said the number of excess deaths associated with the parameter oxygen a methamphetamine (hereinafter referred to as MMA) dropped sharply after a 'unprecedented' cooperation between police and health agencies released about the drug

'Public awareness and public health cooperation

Coordination is not only helpful, but also a necessary condition for saving lives . '

Mark Arema, medical director of Poison and Drug Information Services in Alberta.

Yarema said: 'In the long run, if the show' bad break 'is about ice poison, then the show about jumeijin will be called' bad break'

Wrote a study for the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association on the death of plexiglass. Dubbed Dr.

Between July 2011 and April 2012, plexiglass killed 20 people in Alberta and 7 in BC.

Since then, there has been a fatal overdose in Alberta related to the drug.

The victims, aged between 14 and 52, thought they had taken ecstasy or cocaine.

Similar to ecstasy or MDMA, the silicone provides a pleasant excitement, but it is five times more toxic than the former, and the effect takes longer.

Users who are frustrated, Yarema says, don't get high fast enough to take more pills or powder often and die from an overdose.

When high doses are used, the internal temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure of the user are increased by the silicone.

It ended up shutting down the internal organs because they were too hot to kill the user.

large number of deaths in B. C.

In 2011, Alberta triggered

Coordinate the response.

Police, nursing staff, poisoning control center, public health agency, chief forensic office of Alberta and B. C.

Cooperation between the coroner's services has prevented this trend.

Police in Calgary have followed more than 100 clues to stop criminals and conducted 11 investigations, five of which arrested seven suspected human traffickers.

Harris said.

Law enforcement and health agencies have also issued public warnings and information on dangerous drugs to parents, teachers, students and community agencies.

They also issued alerts to health care professionals and the North American poisoning control center.

This multifaceted approach almost eliminates drug-related excess deaths, down to the number of deaths since the spring of 2012, Dr.

Jennifer Nicol is an emergency room doctor and the lead author of the study.

Police say seizures of drugs have also dropped sharply.

Harris said that since the arrest of suspected traffickers, police officers may have seen glass once or twice.

Drugs have not completely disappeared from the province.

According to health officials, at 2013 and 2014, six patients in Southern Alberta had detected the presence of a pulmonary Yang, but they survived.

'Another important message for everyone is that the plexiglass has not disappeared,' Yarema said . '.

'We are certainly better at recognizing this;

If someone goes to the hospital, we know what to do, and we are skeptical about organic glass.

No one else died, thank God.

But the problem is not gone.

'Rsouthwick @ calgaryherald.

alberta deaths linked to tainted ecstasy on steep decline

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