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Alberta: Vast badlands once a real Jurassic Park

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

When French-

Canadian explorers travel west through the prairie in the middle.

1700, they do not know that there is a huge hole in central Alberta.

They tried to get over it, got tired of it, went back to Ontario and Quebec and labeled the West with 'les mauvaisres terres' or 'bad land.

'The land is not always that bad, though.

Deep scars and aliens on towering muddy cliffs

Once a lush coastal plain.

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the day in Alberta in almost a tropical climate.

But a catastrophic event and several ice

Long after, the dinosaurs disappeared, and the last glacier left on Earth was carved, leaving the Red Deer River and dozens of kilometers of beautiful and vast valleys.

Today, the wasteland in Alberta is known for producing some of the most important dinosaur fossils and some of the most stunning landscapes ever discovered.

It is located about 135 km kilometers northeast of Calgary.

Dinosaurs, once the center of the coal industry, are now the main actors of the show.

They wore helmets and posed near the welcome sign and around the corner.

Keep your eyes 86-ft-

Tall Tyrannosaurus rex in town.

For only $3 you can climb it and see delahaile from its open chin.

Children aged 5 and under are free to enter, and the world's largest dinosaur Heritage Fund will invest in the community with a percentage of ticket and gift shop income.

Climb down T-

Rex, swing in the last chance, buy a delicious burger and more gadgets than you shake.

The salon also has a back yard with live music stage and an outdoor bar with saddle.

For outdoor adventurers, the natural wonders here are essential. Standing 5-to-7-

The carved pieces are as high as a few meters and take millions of years to form.

Both the horse thief and Horseshoe Canyon offer postcard views and hiking routes, and the latter also offers a seasonal helicopter tour.

Pick one, maybe steal the horse thief, go there and watch the sunset, don't forget your camera no matter what you do. —

For more details, visit traveldrumheller. com.

The Royal tirell Museum, opened in 1985, is the only museum in Canada dedicated to the study of ancient biology.

This is the pearl on the crown of de la Haile, receiving 12 million tourists from more than 150 countries.

The museum exhibits more than 160,000 species of fossil, spinal, plant, and geological specimens, including more than 300 holographic types. For non-

Professional in science, it provides an amazing visual display

Placed in beautiful re-sized bones

Imagine the background from land to sea.

Visitors can walk freely or take a route along the geological timeline.

The journey covers the pre-Cold War era (4.

6 billion to 0. 541 billion years ago)

To the new generation (

66 million years ago so far).

The museum is also an active research institution, with an observation window to observe the research of fossils brought from the wild by scientists.

Audio tours in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and German are available for rent and the museum is accessible by wheelchair.

There is also a cafeteria and gift shop.

In addition to the indoor exhibition, visitors can also hike under the guidance of a tour guide, such as the Seven Wonders of the wasteland.

There are educational programs, including the experience of excavation, tourists (

7 years old and above)

Use the same tools and techniques as ancient biologists to dig dinosaur bones. —

Visit the Tille Museum.

Seasonal time and program details.

Don't drive when you visit Dinosaur Provincial Park.

It is very difficult to concentrate on the road down to the valley.

The scenery is simply indescribable.

The park is located about 170 km kilometers southeast of de la Hele, established by the Alberta provincial government in 1955 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

There is a visitor center with some exhibits, fossil prep labs and theaters, but the real activity is outside and around you.

The activity seems endless: five from

More guided walking trails through the wasteland

Fossil excavations, fossil exploration, guided walking tours and bus tours-

Even a sunset trip.

Whether you're taking a van full of kids or taking a solo photography adventure, you'll be busy for a few days.

Remember, some outdoor activities are weather-

So please check in advance.

Campers and RV have websites every year, but it is recommended to book in the summer.

If you like the idea of camping but don't like sleeping on the ground, there are seven 'comfortable camping' tents in the park from October. Each wood-framed, canvas-

The covered apartment features a queen bed with blankets and pillows and a tension bed

Out of the futon, electricity (

Even if you really need WiFi)

There is also a pan bowl pans basin and barbecue in front.

If the weather gets cold, there is an electric heater, while the bathroom and shower are only a few steps away.

There is also a gift shop. —

View dinosaur park. ca for details. PHILIP J.

The Currie Dinosaur Museum dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, but that doesn't mean they can't get back to life at several exciting educational moments. The Philip J.

The Corey dinosaur museum uses animation, scans scanning, 3D printers and other technologies to provide visitors with a unique dinosaur experience.

Point the holstered tablet to the skeleton hanging from the ceiling and watch the screen turn into a full screen

Healthy body, moving creatures.

Put a dinosaur together, piece by piece, and understand what each part of the process is.

There is also an area dedicated to the oil and gas industry to serve those who are interested in connecting points between dinosaur fossils and modern dinosaur fossils

Natural Resources. restaurant (

Craft beer)

gift shop and a 70-

The seating theater, which hosts guest speeches and documentary screenings, completed the experience.

The museum opened at Wembley on September 2015, about 20 km west of the prairie, close to Pipestone Creek Bonebed, one of the world's most fossil-intensive accumulation sites.

If you can only visit a dinosaur museum in Alberta, Royal Tyrell should be, but the Currie Museum shows a wonderful show for those who have traveled long distances. —

For more information, visit dinomuseum. ca. TRIP PLANNING—

If you want to travel to Alberta, please see travelalberta. com.

Alberta: Vast badlands once a real Jurassic Park

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