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Alligator Fitted With New Prosthetic Tail

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

crocodile that was bitten off its tail eight years ago gave it a new prosthetic leg in Arizona. Seven-

Mr. Foot bs was one of the 32 crocodiles stopped by a truck near Casa Grande on 2005.

It is said that his tail was bitten off by another animal.

Mr. Stubbs was awarded the Phoenix animal society, and now his sports are 3ft-

Long prosthetic attachment.

It is made from a team at the Phoenix core Institute using silicone rubber, which typically provides orthopedic care specifically for humans.

It must be floating and flexible in order for Mr. Stubbs to swing it and help him move in the water.

Sarah Jarvis of CORE told KPNX: 'It's just a process to figure out how to make the mold and then get the mold and play with the materialTV.

'I made some small models and found that it would be good for the whole tail,' she added . '.

However, it will take several months for Mr Stubbs to learn how to use the tail properly.

At the moment, his handler is happy with the smaller milestones, such as not trying to bite out the new attachments.

They may also need to come up with a new nickname.

Alligator Fitted With New Prosthetic Tail

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