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Aluminum Alloy prototype processing, find a reliable manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-08- 10 16: 16

Since the aluminum alloy prototype has the advantages of light weight and easy processing, many more and more products now need aluminum alloy materials for proofing, there are so many aluminum alloy prototype factories in Shenzhen, what kind of better choice? On this point, the extension model tells you to choose a prototype factory with peace of mind.

For example, last year, Mr. Zhang made a prototype of the heating machine in Tuowei, to detect its performance. At the beginning, Mr. Zhang wanted to make a plastic prototype, but the thermal conductivity and heat resistance of the plastic prototype were not so good, so the engineers of tuowei recommended aluminum alloy materials to Mr. Zhang, after some communication, Mr. Zhang agreed to make an aluminum alloy prototype. Five days later, Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with the finished product after testing, saying that the aluminum alloy prototype made them better detect the performance of the product.

The prototype accuracy of aluminum alloy processed by the extension prototype model can reach 0. 01mm, and has cooperated with many large enterprises such as Jingdong, Gree and Foxconn, with 3000 successful cases, is a prototype factory that can be assured.

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