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Aluminum Alloy prototype proofing, delivery and accuracy are very important

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-11- 14 17: 14

when making aluminum alloy prototype proofing, many customers will choose a large-scale prototype factory, because such a prototype factory will not only produce a better prototype in terms of quality, but also guarantee the delivery period. The prototype industry is a low-threshold industry, so there are thousands of aluminum alloy prototype factories in Shenzhen, large and small, and the strength of each manufacturer is also very different. In the aluminum alloy prototype factory, what is better to choose?

for the prototype industry, the delivery period has a great relationship with the equipment. The prototype factory with many equipment can be in danger when facing the big order. The aluminum alloy prototype proofing is generally used for new product verification. If the delivery period is faster, new product verification can be carried out earlier, which is conducive to the early development of new products and occupying the market first than competitors.

extension model is a large-scale prototype proofing factory for aluminum alloy, it has 55 large CNC machining centers with more than 160 employees ,. After the general customer sends the 3d drawings, 3 ~ It can be shipped in 5 days, so that customers can receive the aluminum alloy prototype as soon as possible. In addition, the extension model also has a 5-axis machine, which can achieve the accuracy of the aluminum alloy prototype. 01mm, this is the accuracy that many prototype companies can't achieve.

so when the aluminum alloy prototype is proofing, looking for a large prototype factory can not only be reliable in terms of delivery, but also better in terms of accuracy.

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