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Amazing Bodies exhibition showcases inner animals

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Is it art or science?

Beautiful or disgusting?

world of confrontation

The first exhibition in Melbourne brings visitors to animals.

Shows a wide variety of complete animals and human bodies that are coated with plasters showing their internal organs, muscles and body parts, real life, and never seen by the public

Professor Cris dos Remedios, professor of anatomy at the University of Sydney, admitted that the exhibition was controversial.

'This exhibition is an exciting and interesting exhibition that sometimes faces creatures in ways that ordinary people have never seen before,' he said . '.

'Anyone who is interested in animals, creatures or art, or anyone who is just curious about how animals and human bodies work, should visit this exhibition.

'Some tourists will find it really fascinating, but others may put their hands on their eyes when they see their body organs and anatomical parts!

'The whole exhibition has a strong evolutionary theme that shows how organs can be adjusted to accommodate different functions based on Charles Darwin's 200 anniversary of species evolution last year.

'After a similar 2007 exhibition, this exhibition is bigger and better than in the past two years,' said Professor Dos Remedios . '.

'Not only do we show the growth of the human body, even human embryos, but we also show the various animal bodies including whales, ostriches, horses, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys and more

'There is so much to learn and enjoy and we are happy to host the World Expo in Melbourne.

The exhibition explores various biological and artistic themes through comparative anatomical displays.

Invented by the controversial anatomy, Dr. Gunther von Hagens (known for his current SBS series), plaster is a process that involves removing body fluids and using polymers (plastic

In this process, using a special vacuum process, the approximate body (mainly liquid and fat) is replaced by plastic materials such as silicone rubber or polyester resin, giving a look to the body without skin, the anatomy and physiological structure are preserved and live truly.

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