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Amazon launches 3D printed products store

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07


Com will start offering custom 3D-

Printed product from pendant to shaft statue.

The online retail giant has launched a new 3D printing product store in the United States. S. Monday.

So far, it features '200 unique print-

Amazon announced in a press release: 'products produced on demand, many products can be customized according to material size, style and color changes, and personalized through text and image imprint . '.

How does 3D printing work?

Products provided by third parties-

Through Amazon's marketplace, party sellers like Mixee Labs.

Amazon says its new store will allow users to 'put their personal style on the items they create' using design templates and 3D previews '.

The 3D printing gift idea for what looks like an amazing 3D printing custom product has been obtained from competitors like eBay, which opened a 3D printing product store a year ago. The online 3D-

Printed eway, which has been offering 3D printing products for years, announced last week to work with Hasbro to produce the designer 'my pony' statue.

Amazon launches 3D printed products store

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