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Amazon Now Sells 3D Printed Skulls, Jewelry, Home Goods

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Now the customer is the manufacturer.

Or at least they are on Amazon and Amazon released the 3D printing service on Monday.

The site serves as a marketing way for 'future shopping', allowing customers to purchase objects created on 3D printers and even customize them to meet their needs.

Looking for a decorative vase?

Do you have earrings?

Maybe it's a hanging sculpture --

Modern specimen making?

All of this can be yours.

And the price is relatively reasonable.

Many items sold through the new 3D service cost about $30.

Your mileage may vary depending on the usefulness of the service.

I doubt I will actually pay $24.

Buy a 3D printed poison skull and Amazon recommends putting one on the table in my office.

I may also feel uneasy about designing a shaking head like me;

Looks a little narcissistic.

According to a press release from Amazon, providing 3D services for more than 200 products is one of the biggest services to sell 3D products online.

Amazon Now Sells 3D Printed Skulls, Jewelry, Home Goods

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