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Ambassador of cool

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

What does a trendy workawayer need?

Underwear and socks;


Armani Cotton sweater;

Shoes for Chesapeake pacioti;

Gucci deep suit jacket-purple suede;

Chrome heart ringArmani silver-and-leather ring; Cartier watch.

'I like good things,' Zark Fatah said . '.

He sat at a banquet at his studio at the club/lounge on King Street. W.

In December, those who said the place was too unique to survive shrugged off.

Most of them are not invited to join.

Membership is free and drinks are free but limited to 250.

Once enough people scan their thumbs into the computer, the biometric reader at the entrance will be activated, eliminating the need for a doorman or membership card.

'This is not entirely exclusive,' Fatah said . '.

'All you need to do is meet someone who can bring you in.

It was a very friendly place when you passed the gate.

'At the age of 32, he was a man who lived in an illusion and saw difficulties in it.

But still enjoy the Mirage.

He has 1 feet in each pool.

One with a toe in the shallow water area

Nourish the flowing waters of his beloved 'beautiful man;

Another thigh.

In the mud of the time and energy spent cheering for fantasy.

He called it an industry. without regret)of the 14-

7 hours a day

It can be asked for weeks.

Just after his hasty interview, he explained that he was late for the meeting.

After that, he broke his mouth and apologized to the person waiting for the next meeting on his mobile phone.

'Everything I work;

'I went out myself,' he said . '.

'Everything I know, I learned by doing so.

'Ten years ago, he worked as a bartender in clubs like Fluid and the government.

Today, Zark Inc.

Pioneer of six major businesses.

He's the most-

Meet the conditions and bestdressed lists (

Including last year's stars.

His name is synonymous with all the hot events. . . now.

His Porsche is parked outside, and the closet in the penthouse is full of fashion.

But he insists he is not a millionaire. 'Yet.

Fatah's background is

Scarborough class

His father, a Muslim, was born in Mumbai and raised in Pakistan;

His mother is a British secretary.

Indian Christians

He said: 'My growth experience is definitely not the traditional East Indian style . '

'My brother Tarus and I were born here and our parents wanted us to grow up as Canadians.

They did not push religion, culture or language to us.

'Four of his five other companies are on or near St. King's Street. W.

-Century Room nightclub, restaurant and Turkish bathroom spa in Blowfish and Doku 15.

' design-Prototype Design Lab'and-

The construction company of Mississauga 'has produced a lot of fixtures and accessories for other places, including the metal table with leaves in the studioshaped cut-outs. He's a high-

Students who dropped out of school have worked as hamburgers and gasoline

The station attendant and the telephone salesperson.

At the age of 18, he first tasted the 'Nightlife' in the background of clubs and music videos.

He said his life changed forever when he flew to Miami for a few days in a new year.

'I never came back.

I made two winter drinks there.

I came into contact with the best.

glimpse of the rest of the world.

It may be superficial, but still. . .

way of life I have never seen before

Cars, boats, apartments, fashion, women.

I have a high desire to see all this.

Back in Toronto in 1999, I was at the cutting edge of 25.

I'm afraid I'll wake up one day and be a 30-year-oldyear-old bartender.

Fatah participated in the campaign.

'I am a creative person and a very social person.

This is a simple translation.

Charm and temptation appeal to me, but I am always a better fit to do business than a nightclub.

Not getting up at one o'clock P. M.

'I don't like dating very much.

My daily life is, 'Hi, how are you?

What are you doing?

I call it an interview.

I don't want to do this during the evening break.

So I'm single now.

But I definitely want to get married and have children.

'He has a business partner, but Fatah is the tip of the iceberg, very obvious and very photogenic.

Still, he said, 'I try to stay true and grounded.

I take a personal attitude towards everything. I'm hands-on.

On a typical night I will go to Doku and then to Blowfish;

Eat something and chat with customers;

Then stay in the studio for a while and then end the century.

'The home is a spacious loft near Queen Street. E. , self-

Promoted as a 'eclectic life and upwardand-coming cool.

The heart of Fatah is still west of Yongji Street.

However, he did not feel sorry that he moved from the icon apartment to a location not far from his work.

'I like this separation.

In a place with parks, kids and dogs, I don't have to worry about meeting my drunken customers in the lobby.

'He vowed that this year would be a year when he did not accept new projects.

But he recently met with Mayor David Miller to discuss Fatah's proposal, 'about how Toronto can market to a specific population in a different way-25 years old'to 35-year-old jetsetters; lifestyle-

Head to Miami, New York, London, Los AngelesA.

Paris, they know what's going on in the world.

People who lead the trend, people who lead the trend, decide what is cool, what is not cool.

'When they came to Toronto, they were very surprised and impressed.

Nightlife-you can get into different scenes every night.

Mayor Miller said the people of Toronto need to support Toronto.

I want to be an ambassador for the formal and active promotion of our city.

'The Fatah figures will be another valuable self. taught lesson.

'I have learned that growing too fast and taking too much responsibility.

About living in the present.

Sometimes I need to sit down and look around and realize where I am.

'He went through an impeccable piece of paper and put one worn leg on the other, thinking about the pointed toes of his black pasciotti shoes.

'My mother was kicked by the best --

Most dressed-eligible stuff.

It is a good thing to be recognized and recognized.

But I don't send a press release.

Ambassador of cool

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