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Ambulance drone' prototype unveiled

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07


The students at the headquarters showed the prototype of the 'ambulance drone', a flying vibrato capable of reaching patients with heart disease in their precious livessaving minutes.

Developed by Alec Momont, a Belgian engineering graduate, it can fly at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

'About 800,000 people in the European Union heartbeat stops every year and only survive,' 23-year-old Momon said at TU Delft University on Tuesday . '.

He said in a statement: 'The main reason is that the response time for emergency services is relatively long, about 10 minutes, while brain death and death occur within 4 to 6 minutes.

Ambulance drones can deliver vibrators to patients within 12 square meters

In a minute, the chances of survival in the km area increased from 80.

The drone is painted with a yellow emergency service driven by six propellers that can carry a load of 4 kg. -

Vibrators in this case.

It tracks emergency mobile phones and uses GPS navigation.

Once on site, like a caregiver, the operator can use on-

Connect to the board camera in the control room via live ream webcam.

Dutch daily Algemeen blad says the prototype has attracted interest from emergency services including Amsterdam.

The Dutch Heart Foundation also expressed appreciation for the idea, the newspaper added.

However, Momont wants his drone to become a 'flight medical toolbox' that will be able to carry an oxygen mask for people trapped in a fire, or inject insulin for people with diabetes.

However, Momont said the drone is still in its infancy in terms of developing its steering mechanism and using legal issues.

He said he hopes to build a network of operational emergency drones in the Netherlands within five years.

The estimated cost of drones is about 15,000 euros ($22,500)each.

'I hope it will save hundreds of lives in the next five years,' Mormon said . '.

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