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American-Made: 50 Strong's Ashley Thompson Built

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

The general view is that basic manufacturing has left the United States.

Ashley Thompson, CEO of the top 50 companies in Lima, Ohio

American-based plastic manufacturers are trying to prove that this general wisdom is wrong.

Thompson, 37, was a lawyer who grew up in the plastics industry and created 50 strong brands.

The company produces plastic water bottles and other basic plastic products.

Today, family.

100 of the business

Employees, with sales of more than $10 million, are sold nationwide at Wal-Mart.

The company recently won a contract to produce 5 million plastic bottles for Wal-Mart, replacing suppliers who had previously produced bottles in China.

At Wal-Mart's recent public telephone gala for American manufacturers in Ark Bentonville.

Thompson came here wearing a blue jacket and a large red beading necklace, ready to make products at home.

'We want to prove this --in-

'The price of American products can be the same as the price of imported products,' she said . '

Open call is a day when Wal-Mart opens its doors to the sales of American manufacturers (small in size) every year, as part of Wal-Mart's commitment to increase its $250 billion in the United StatesS. -

Put the goods on shelves before 2023.

At the event later this year

In June, more than 500 entrepreneurs traveled from all over the country to Bentonville to market their products-shark tanks --

Style a 30-minute meeting with a retailer's buyer.

Nearly 100 of them-including Thompson, who is pitching new cheap plastic storage bags in which consumers can place kitchen or bathroom products that disrupt the countertop-are immediately affirmed.

Thompson's father, Randy Carter, started the family's plastic manufacturing business as early as 1982, called precision thermoplastic components (PTC ).

The business provides contract manufacturing to other companies and has expertise in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and product assembly.

It's a tough business as manufacturing moves overseas to cheaper costs.

'We will have products where we will have business and then lose to suppliers in China,' Thompson recalls . '.

Growing up, she vowed never to work for a family business, but to go to Ohio State law school and work as a lawyer in a small company.

In 2012, she was ready to change, with her husband Brendan, who is already working at PTC, and she came up with the idea of the top 50.

The new department is named after 50 states in the country.

When she turned over the water bottle at the show, she realized that most of it was made overseas and she vowed to put all the products on a rusty belt.

'We know we have manufacturing capabilities, we see the need for manufacturing --in-

'American brands,' she said.

Slowly, she began to make progress in the retail industry.

When PTC first entered Wal-Mart, it installed a tire inflator in the car department and built a tubing for it.

Today, the top 50 has 16 items in Wal-Mart's stores, as well as on Amazon and its own websites. The long-

Long-term decline in the US economyS.

Manufacturing has been a political problem because millions of workers are out of work.

However, since 2010, the number of manufacturing jobs has increased in part due to the state's advanced manufacturing industry.

But produce basic plastic products in the United States. S.

The price is a big reason.

The price of the new plastic bottle 50 Strong is producing for Wal-Mart is a large bottle under $4 and a small bottle under $2.

Thompson said that a bottle of similar wine produced overseas, a large bottle to sell $5 or more, a small bottle to sell to $3 less.

'For this private-

Label Program in USA

'The bottles made will actually be retail at a lower price than the imported version,' she notes . '.

Top 50 current line-up of brightly-

The range of color bottles ranges from insulated bottles to other bottles containing internal mixers and cold

The price is $12 bulletproof. 99 or less.

How can Thompson be made domestically at such a low price and still make a profit?

Her family's manufacturing factory is a big advantage.

By removing the middleman, she can reduce the cost by one layer.

She is also very clear about the size and specifications of the factory-which sizes and specifications are not.

In addition, there are cost and time advantages in transportation from Ohio instead of overseas.

'We design according to our abilities,' she said . '

'Then we can do it really competitively.

For the top 50 companies, selling to large retailers like Wal-Mart means a trade-off between price and quantity. Wal-Mart has nearly $500 billion in global revenue.

Lower prices mean lower margins and less room for error.

'This is the reality of dealing with a large retailer,' Thompson said . '.

'When we finish the design process, we remember our price points.

American-Made: 50 Strong

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