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American Outdoor Brands Corp (AOBC.OQ)

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

American outdoor brand company, formerly Smith and Weisen Holdings, founded in June 17, 1991, is a gun manufacturer and an accessory product provider for shooting, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

The company mainly deals in two areas: guns, outdoor products and accessories.

The company sells its products to a range of customers, including gun enthusiasts, collectors, hunters, athletes, competitive shooters, individuals eager for family and personal protection, law enforcement and safety agencies and officials, and military institutions in the United States and around the world.

The company operates online retail stores selling hunting and shooting accessories as well as gold rod branded products, clothing and related hunting and shooting supplies.

The firearms division produces pistol and long gun products sold under the Smith & Wesson, M & P and Thompson/Center Arms brands and offers forging, processing and precision plastic injection molding services.

The firearms department includes the gun parts it makes at the Springfield plant in Massachusetts;

Deep River, Holden, Maine, and Connecticut, and their gun products, develop, assemble and sell at the Springfield plant in Massachusetts.

The outdoor products and accessories section provides shooting, hunting and outdoor accessories, including reinstallation, gun molds, gun cleaning products, tree saws, Vault Accessories, knives, laser aiming systems and tactical lighting products.

Brands of outdoor products and accessories include Smith and Weisen, M & P, Thompson/Center weapons, crimson marks, Caldwell shooter, Wheeler works, Tipton gun cleaning supplies, lock vault accessories, tiger Man superior saw, swamp cabin and gold bar moisture control, as well as knives and professional tools under Schrad, old timer, Uncle Henry and imperialism.

The outdoor products and accessories section includes its accessory products, which are developed, sourced, marketed and distributed on facilities in Kingsport, Columbia, Missouri and Tennessee, as well as on its electronic equipment

Optical product, which is developed, sold and assembled at a factory in wilville, Oregon.

Gun products and services the M & P brand pistol operates in the polymer pistol market serving law enforcement agencies and the sports consumer goods market.

In addition, hunting guns with Thompson/Center gun brands and a swap gun system are available.

The company is involved in three categories of the long gun market: bolt action rifles, muzzleloader and modern sport rifles, and two categories of the pistol market, such as the half

Automatic pistol and revolver.

All of its guns are sold under the brands Smith and Weisen, M & P and Thompson/Center weapons.

Its performance center offers professional models sold under the Smith & Wesson and M & P brands.

Provide services to customers including distributors;

Federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies and officials;

Government and military institutions; businesses;

Retailers and consumers.

It also offers a variety of product and product line extensions under its Smith & Wesson, M & P and Thompson/Center arm brands, as well as a variety of products in its performance Center.

In the M & P brand products, the company offers a variety of models of the M & P modern sport rifle range, including its center

Fire and rimfire models.

Its M & P 15 sport ii is a SPORT rifle with forward Bolt assist and dust cover. Its M&P 15-

22 sports series.

22 LR rifle with M & P slim hand guard with Magpul M-

LOK attachment installation capability also includes Magpul Back-Up Sight (MBUS)

Attractions before and after.

Two weapons at the Thompson Center include a compass and a T/C strike.

The company produces a range of pistol models including revolvers and pistols.

The company's revolvers are sold under the Smith & Wesson brand.

The company sells products of all sizes, as small

Frame for personal protection, concealed carry revolver-

Frame revolver mainly used for entertainment and competitive sports shooting. Its extra-

Large frame revolver pistol design-hunting market.

Its revolvers are available in a variety of models and calibers and are available in almost all professional and consumer markets.

The company offers handguns under the Smith & Wesson brand and M & P brand.

Its various full-size and compact M & P pistol products are made of polymer frames, stainless steel chassis, and finished stainless steel barrels and sliders in black, corrosion-resistant.

Its M & P pistol product features a palmswell grip in three sizes, allowing the user to customize the grip;

Passive trigger safety device to prevent the pistol from shooting when it falls;

The trigger shield that holds the hand with gloves;

burnt lever release device;

flexible slide station and reversible magazine release to fit rightand left-Shooter

Optional internal locking system and magazine safety, as well as general equipment tracks that allow the addition of accessories (including lights and lasers.

The M & P brand's modern sport rifle is designed for military, law enforcement and security personnel around the world.

These long guns are used for hunting and sports target rifles and are sold to consumers through their sports product dealers, retailers and distributors.

It offers four M & P modern sport rifles of different caliber.

300 Whisper and.

More than 308 Winchester for entertainment and professional use.

The company also provides upper-level components so that gun owners can modify their M & P based on the needs and tasks of various forms of sport shooting and hunting.

Its modern portfolio of sport rifles includes

22-caliber model, open price-

The Point sport model, a hunting caliber and various models, is designed for use by military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

The company produces three-wire bolts-

Action rifle under Thompson/Center weapons brand, each line is made up of various models.

These long guns have about 10 different calibers. Bolt-

The action rifle operates through the circulation of the bolt handle, which allows loading and unloading of bullets through the magazine feed system.

Under its Thompson/Center weapons brand, the company also offers five lines of U. S-

Black powder or muzzleloader gun.

Black powder guns are purchased by hunting enthusiasts and are mainly used in the black powder hunting season for large games such as deer hunting and elk hunting.

It offers an interchanging single gun system of two models, offering a wide range of guns, barrel, caliber configurations and finishes.

These gun systems can be purchased in full assembly or as a framework component that the owner can configure as the centerRim's rifle

Rifle, shotgun, black powder gun or single

For a wide range of shooting pistolsand small-game hunting.

Other gun products and services of the company include parts, handcuffs, Smith and Weisen College, and professional services.

The company sells parts to support its gun business.

Products include barrels and magazines manufactured at their facilities or purchased through third parties.

It is the manufacturer of American handcuffs and restraints.

It makes these products with carbon or stainless steel.

Its lever lock cuffs provide double

Lock system that increases security. Double heat-

The treated internal lock helps to prevent tampering, and the smooth ratchet allows for a quick cut.

Smith and Weisen College are private law enforcement training institutions.

Its services include forging, heat treatment, finishing, electroplating and plastic injection molding.

The accessories products company provides Shooting, Hunting, reloading, gun workers, gun cleaning supplies and accessories.

Develop, produce and deliver products of various brands.

The company offers a range of products including shooting and field breaks, shooting tools, gun sets, hearing protection, ammunition wine glasses and Vault Accessories.

The company offers more than 300 accessories.

Its brand portfolio includes the Caldwell series of shooting supplies that provide shooting accessories.

It also sells products from other brands including Wheeler Engineering, Tipton gun cleaning supplies, Arsenal reshipment tools in Frankfurt, Lock Vault Accessories, Horman premium saw, BOG-

Moisture Control of POD and gold bar.

The Company competes with Ruger & Company, Inc.

Taurus, Locke, Siegel, Springfield Armory, Colt snake, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Browning, Marin, Remington, Savage, Weatherby, stroke, tradition, Winchester, peerless handcuffs, vista Outdoor Limited

, Hyskore, Hornady, Laserlyte, Lyman, Birchwood Casey and MTM caseGard.

2100 Roosevelt avespringfield ma01104-1606P: +1413.

7473573 f: 1413.

American Outdoor Brands Corp (AOBC.OQ)

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