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Amputee Richard Van As creates mechanical hand

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

When carpenter Richard van lost four fingers two years ago, he couldn't afford a prosthetic leg --

So he did it himself.

An electric hand that detects muscle electrical impulses to activate the prosthesis and costs tens of thousands of dollars is out of reach in South Africa, just then he decided

His right hand was injured in a saw accident.

'I was in pain after the accident, but did not take painkillers.

'I hardly sleep, the more painful I am, the more thoughts I have,' he said . '.

'Sometimes you have to cut your fingers in order to start thinking.

'After seeing a video posted online, he contacted Seattle designer Ivan Owen. Robot hand-

device invented by Van As and Owen, made of cables, screws, 3D printing and thermoplastic materials.

It uses the rotation of the joints to enable five plastic numbers to be grasped.

The device looks like the hand of a robot in a sci-fi movie, which costs about $544 ($) for production and can be copied using plans and 3D printers on the Internet.

Van As is now carrying out a task to spread this mechanism to people around the world who do not have fingers or hands. The two gadget-

Unlike most existing arm prosthetics, enthusiasts have worked together to develop a design for devices of all ages that can be used to grab objects.

Thanks to donations, Van As has installed robotic hands for about 170 people, from toddlers to adults.

At first, they used a milling machine to make the truck into the index finger of a metal robot, helping him to work as a carpenter so far.

When they perfect the shape of the robot's fingers.

'Ivan is my gift,' Fan said . '.

They then turned to 3D printing to make the device in plastic.

The 3D printer provides greater flexibility to allow the device to be re-installed

Determine the size on the computer for each user and then make it through the printer. glove-

Just like installing a cover in a thermoplastic plastic, and then creating fingers on a 3D printer by melting and stacking the plastic to make Lego-

Just like the numbers attached to the glove with small cables and screws.

The team was promoted when Brooklyn donated two printers

Makerbot, one used in Johannesburg and the other in Seattle.

'It took us two weeks to assemble things and 20 hours,' Van As said . '.

From the beginning of the project, he opened the drawer full of bolts, screws and remaining hinges.

'It looks easy now.

'Then they started working on a design that helped children with the sheep hose syndrome, in which case the child had no attachments at birth because their blood circulation was cut off by the sheep hose.

To spread the device as widely as possible, they offer Robohand open source designs online, and Van as now collects donations to do their hand for people around the world.

'I don't want to make money from the pain,' said Fan, who denied the idea that he could make money from a manipulator.

Unlike other prosthetic limbs, Van said, the reason is simple: 'functionality, simplicity and cost '.

He started with dollars donated around the world.

'I said I would do about 100 hands and disappear, but it would go on,' Van As said . '.

He said, 'How do you say no ? ' Owen stopped working with robot hands in January, focusing on education, 'especially how to introduce 3D printing to today's students . '.

At $ US500, robotic hands are much cheaper than the traditional cost of less than $ US10 000 to $ US15 000the-

Elbow prosthesis, says Eric Newfield, United States

Certified-based prosthetics and orthotics, as well as the director of the range of motion program called ROMP, which provides prosthetics to people around the world who cannot afford the prosthesis.

'There are very few options for numbers only, so that's another issue they're working on,' Neufeld said . '.

'This is a groundbreaking thing they are doing.

'It makes people think about which components can be made in the same way,' he said . ' He added that he will pay close attention to Robohands so that his organization may use it.

Ultimately, Van As said he would like to see robot glove pieces on sale in the store so that anyone can make one on their own.

He is waiting for a patent for design.

People from Australia to Newfoundland are already volunteering to print robot hands.

'We surprised the world of 3D printing,' Van said . '.

'This is not the first medical breakthrough in the 3D world, but people are now eager to get it.

'Fan smiled and raised a small white and blue hand in his store.

'This is for a two-year-old in Australia.

'There are castings of other weapons scattered in the garage workshop, which are also filled with 3D printing materials, machines, experiments and the axis of the building. Twelve-

Dylan Las, age two, took part in the parade.

His mother Jacqui said that her son had no right hand because of the sheep's water belt syndrome and that he was approaching the activity with a new interest due to the gadget. 'It looks cool.

I look like Darth Vader. . .

'It's interesting to use it,' he said . '.

But there's only one limit.

He couldn't wait to go swimming with it.

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