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An exoskeleton for jobs that require the brains

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Have some work

Physical, repetitive, assembledLine type jobs-

This requires the human brain and the body of the robot.

team of students at the University of Alberta wants to help us by building a motivated Iron Manlike upper-

worker would put on the outer bones of the body like a jacket.

Ben Hallworth, a student and colleague, said: 'This is a bridge for tasks that cannot be automated in the near future and still require manual input . '

Founder of the campus biomedical engineering club.

'We really want humans and robots to be at the same level, but much more advanced,' Hallworth told Radio CBC's Edmonton AM on Tuesday . '.

'Really bridging the gap between simple, automated tasks and the more subtle tasks that humans are still experts.

'The idea is to build physical support for those who lift their arms and do a lot of work.

The exoskeletons can enhance their strength, reduce the likelihood of injury, and provide feedback on the wearer's posture or techniques for lifting.

Hallworth said the organization expects that wearing an external skeleton may be as common as wearing any other PPE.

He said the version of the device has been used in a commercial environment.

On the Ford plantRobotic skeleton, how does a 'bio' vest improve human ability, help Danny Ross find his foothold again 'any task that you see repeated environmental height machinery . . . . . . It may benefit from this technology.

Hallworth said that the existing system is spring-

Drive when the U of the prototype will be the motor-powered.

Another key difference, he said, is the sensing and bio-feedback properties designed to prevent unhealthy movements and potential injuries.

The University of Alberta biomedical technology development team was established in 2018.

It has more than 40 members and has expertise in many different disciplines such as computational science, engineering, neuroscience, ergonomics and business.

The group, along with several other U. S. biomechanics initiatives, includes BLINC (

Improved bionic limbs for natural control)

Laboratory and Rehabilitation Robot Laboratory

The team plans to join the exoskeletons in the international biomedical engineering design competition.

The group is working hard to build a small

The scale prototype used by the outer skeleton elbowto in its entry.

Studies have shown that vibrating muscles help arm amputees 'feel' their artificial hand movements, and that the competition, called 'design' by the Engineering Biomedical undergraduate team, looks at a range of criteria, including the uniqueness of prototypes, the clinical needs and possibilities of commercialism.

'We have a team dedicated to these goals,' says Hallworth . '.

'They are looking at the potential market for such a system and the scale of the impact it may have --

Prove it's not a pie-in-the-

Sky idea, but you can see something in the factory five or ten years later.

An exoskeleton for jobs that require the brains of a human and the body of a robot

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