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an integrated micromechanical large particle in flow sorter (milpis)

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
At present, the main obstacle is to promote the large size of embryos and larvae in zebra fish.
Lack of high levels of large-scale drug development projects
Throughput Analysis platform.
In order to lead drug discovery with the use of zebrafish as a model, the platform needs to integrate automated pre-
Test classification of organisms (
Ensure quality control and standardized)and their in-
Test positioning (
Suitable for highContent imaging)
Flexible drug delivery modules are provided.
Major obstacles hindering the classification of millimeter-grade particles, such as the zebrafish embryo on the chip
Actual diameter based on equipment (
More than 1mm), mass (
More than 1 mg)
It all leads to rapid gravity.
Settlement caused by high inertia force.
Manual procedures related to the classification of hundreds of embryos are very monotonous, so due to the fatigue of the operator, it is easy to produce significant analytical errors.
In this work, we propose an innovative designflow sorter (MILPIS)
Zebrafish embryos capable of applying analysis, classification and assignment of living for drug discovery.
The system consists of a micro-fluid Network, a rotating micro-mechanical socket driven by a robot servo motor, and a photoelectric control system.
Electronic sensing module.
The prototype is in Poly (
Transparent thermoplastic materials micro-processed by infrared laser.
The elements of MILPIS are also made in optical transparent VisiJet resin using 3D stereo printing (SLA)processes (
ProJet 7000HD, 3D system).
The operation of the device is based on a fast rotating micro-mechanical socket.
The latter function is to maintain and locate a single fish embryo (i)
Interrogation ,(ii)
Sorting decisionmaking and (iii)
Sorting in kind. .
The system is designed to be fertilized (LIVE)and non-fertilized (DEAD)
Eggs based on infrared optical transparency (IR)
Transmitter and receiver embedded in the system.
When the living embryo and the dead embryo flow in the chip, the digital oscilloscope is used to distinguish the diffraction signal from the infrared sensor.
Image processing analysis is also used as a detection module to track dead embryos as they flow through the Channel.
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