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An origami design helps this robot lift delicate

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

new robotic gripper is a powerful 'hand' with a soft touch '. The bell-

The shape of the holder has a silicone rubber skeleton wrapped in a sealed latex skin and the origami design is complex.

When the vacuum draws air from the holder, the skin shrinks, forcing the origami skeleton to collapse into a narrow funnel. The bunched-

The ridge-like interior of the upward gripper and the rough latex skin help to keep the object in place.

Li Shuguang, a robotics expert at Harvard University and MIT, and colleagues plan to present the device at the International Robotics and Automation Conference in Montreal.

In lab experiments, soft holders pick up household objects of all sizes and shapes, successfully assemble them on the handles of smartphones and mugs, and more.

While stiff robotic hands lack dexterity and may crush delicate objects, this rubber holder gently handles fragile items such as soft fruits and wine glasses.

This equipment can lift up about 12 kilograms of cargo, which is different from the goods that are difficult to lift.

More than 120 times the weight of itself ().

This ability enables the holder to lift the electric drill and a full bottle of wine.

This versatile grip machine can work on the factory assembly line one day or help at home.

An origami design helps this robot lift delicate and heavy cargo

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