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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of rapid prototyping technology in Shenzhen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2014-07- 10 11: 52

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of rapid prototyping technology in Shenzhen prototype factory ( FDM: Fusion integration type of Fusedepositionodeling) The configuration material used in this rapid prototyping machine is filament thermoplastic material, which works similar to the production of standard flower cake. The filament material is sent to the nozzle by the wire feeding mechanism and heated to the molten state in the nozzle, according to the shape of the section, it is coated on the workbench and quickly cooled and cured. After the first layer is completed, the nozzle rises to a high layer and then the next layer is coated. The advantages are :(1)Can directly make ABS plastic; (2)High dimensional accuracy; (3)High material utilization rate. The disadvantages are :(1)The surface roughness is high and needs post-treatment; (2)Long molding time; (3)Expensive materials (250-458/kg); (4) Support should be set at the cantilever structure, but two nozzles, one spray molding material and the other spray support material, are set on the new FDM rapid prototyping machine, and the support material can be removed by water, the post-processing time is reduced.

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