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Analysis of the application of direct metal laser sintering technology in automobile industry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-09- 04 14: 10

Analysis of Shenzhen prototype model company the application of direct metal laser sintering technology in the automotive industry Shenzhen prototype model company successfully applied the direct metal laser sintering technology (DMLS) , Provides an innovative, complex joystick steering system for a construction vehicle for rapid development and economical small batch production. The joystick assembly line includes 15 plastic components and other electronic devices, mechanical devices and switches. Technical requirements include: high reliability in demanding construction sites, complex geometric devices require high accuracy of plastic components, and the required development cycle is very short due to participation in the exhibition. The use of laser sintering for electronic manufacturing has become a viable option in many different industries. It should be emphasized that the technology is not only feasible in a rapid prototyping environment, but also feasible in a series of production of multiple varieties of complex products. In those areas where products can be made of metal or plastic through laser sintering technology, electronic manufacturing has a great impact. By avoiding the consumption of time and cost caused by tool processing, the use of laser sintering target products makes some industries have improved their competitive advantages compared with the competitive industries. Laser sintering can promote economic benefits by providing the right tools quickly. If the required tool complexity is high, the technology is more advantageous. As can be seen from the example of Hammtronic joystick, the use of laser sintering to produce tools can reduce the precious time of the development process. Laser Sintering is not only an effective tool for rapid prototyping, but also increasingly an option for manufacturing processes in industries facing a large number of different complex products.

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