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Analysis of the features of prototype model silica gel and its application in CNC industry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2014-07- 10 08:44

analysis of the features of the prototype model silica gel and its application in the CNC industry first of all, it is necessary to understand that the prototype model silica gel is a liquid, liquid that can move. Although there are many colors, the quality will not change. It mainly contains two components, one of which is the active liquid and the other is the curing agent. Prototype model silicone can be used for prototype model making design, plastic mold and some cement products, etc. The prototype silicone is mainly used on small pieces of products. Why do you use silicon-soft silicone to make molds? It is because of precision and small products, in the process of demoulding, the contents of the mold are easily damaged, so we should use soft silica gel to assist in the manufacture of the mold; Another situation is to copy large products. This requires a silicone with a large hardness to make a mold, so that it can be maintained without deformation. The prototype model silicone is relatively simple in operation. First, prepare the mold or copied product, then take a certain amount of gel, and then add 2- The curing agent of 3% is stirred and can be formed within 3 hours. Moreover, it has the features of no deformation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistance and so on. After the mold is formed, it can also be used repeatedly to provide rapid replication for the product, which is also very good. In addition, the melting point alloy mold, the alloy toy process and the reproduction of cultural relics, the earthquake resistance of electronic equipment, etc. are often used in the prototype model silicone.

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