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antardhvani’s rendezvous with innovations

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
Although four of the University of Delhi
Undergraduate course is history, the main goal behind its instruments
Learn with your hands and keep the idea of Blackboard Learning --
On Saturday, the university\'s crowded \"Antardhvani\" showed the best side.
This annual festival has made several \"innovative\" attempts to \"meet the challenges of India.
\"The main purpose of education is to make students aware of their inner appeal for what they want to do in life.
DU Vice said: \"The name of the festival Antardhvani means\" inner voice \"and it also represents the environment that students need to find inner voice . \"
Prime Minister Singh.
There was a seminar on how the 3D printer worked, while another group of students showed how to better manage the waste to make a profit on the local ragpickers.
\"Our project is called the historical tourism project, and we have shown that some of the old monuments in the city can still play their original functions like rain --
A student from the cluster innovation center said: \"He built the model of Agresen Ki Poly.
At the same time, the \"Save du movement\", composed of teachers and student organizations, initially started the-
The FYUP protests are still against the festival and everything it represents.
\"This is the opposite of credit --
A transfer system seeking to be introduced.
It is similar in all respects to FYUP except after three years, \"said Abha Dev Habib
Coordinator of the Save du movement.
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