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Appearance prototype making, manufacturer with good surface treatment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-08- 10 12: 02

for enterprises, the production of prototype models reduces the risks caused by mold opening and will also make the quality of products more stable. Before the new product came out, use the appearance prototype to do the marketing work in advance, so that the product can enter the market more quickly and be accepted by the majority of people.

The material of the prototype model has plastic and metal, when making a prototype, the material selection needs to be consistent with the material of the product, so that the variables will be reduced during the test process, which will be more beneficial for future large-scale production. Secondly, according to the level, there are appearance type, Structure Type and function type. If it is a appearance prototype, the manufacturer with severe surface treatment will be selected; If you need to make a functional prototype, choose a manufacturer with high processing accuracy.

manufacturers who choose the appearance prototype model may wish to look at the extension model, 55 CNC machining centers with a machining accuracy of 0. 01mm, hire us cto, the surface treatment effect is good, so that your products can be put into the market as soon as possible to seize the business opportunity.

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