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Apple's iPhone 11 Looks Like One Ugly Smartphone

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Apple plans to do some surprising upgrades to its 2019 iPhones, but the most controversial thing so far is the ugly prototype design.

Now it seems that this will be Apple's preferred iPhone design . . . . . . Respected Japanese website Macotakara reports that the contact person in Apple's China supply chain has confirmed this

The phone, called iPhone XI, will be equipped with a triple camera array in a prominent large square on the back of the phone.

This design was originally designed in January by Steve Hemmerstoffer, a well-known person in the industry (aka OnLeaks)

But it's too ugly to be laughed.

Interestingly, Hemmerstoffer also leaked the second iPhone prototype, but the source for Macotakara said Apple chose the only-a-mother-could-love option.

Macotakara revealed that Apple has made some adjustments to the design of the camera, making the three rear cameras at least symmetrical.

Still, large square houses seem to be with many of the company's

I like minimalist design aesthetics.

Perhaps equally surprising is that the design is not even original.

Huawei has implemented a square three-phase machine housing in Mate 20 Pro, but the central position looks better.

Yes, there are rumors that Apple is trying to get ahead.

Bring flexible iPhone folding to market, but it's hard to see how the iPhone XI is designed now (

Plus is it missing 5g or is there no fast charger)

Enough to reverse the stagnation of iPhone sales.


Apparently the grade is planned to be canceled.

For now, the success story of the iPhone seems to get worse before it gets better . . . . . . Follow Gordon on Twitter, Facebook and Google


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