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apple under fire as it admits some ipads ship

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Apple released the $799 iPad Pro in October, and since then, some reports have shown that it is easy to bend under pressure.

Now, the iPhone maker has confirmed to vergei that some of its 2018 iPad professionals have slightly bent aluminum chassis.

According to Apple, the deformity of the device's housing is a normal side effect in the manufacturing process and should not affect its performance.

In addition, Verge explained, the company said that the slight bending of the chassis would not get worse over time and would not consider it a defect.

Apple says the bending is due to the cooling process of the aluminum and plastic parts of the iPad Pro.

This could affect $799 11-

IPad Pro and 12-inch. 9-

1-inch iPad Pro for up to $1,899

Tb version with other additional features.

After the IPad Pro was released, several videos and user photos were shared on the Internet, which showed that their device was slightly but visibly bent on the chassis.

video posted by user jerryrigething on YouTube caught a wave of attention as he showed to break the iPad Pro in half with seemingly small efforts.

However, since many tablets will crash under the same pressure, not just Apple's, others have since marked the video as a gimmick.

Nevertheless, some consumers reported on the online forums that their iPad Pro was slightly bent after a small amount of use, without any abuse or an unexpected drop.

Others say they are a little bent when they take the ipad out of the package.

'Today I realized that my situation has improved slightly,' one user wrote on the MacRumors Forum . '.

'It's bent in less than a week.

After a weekend of traveling, I put it in my backpack.

He added that I was disappointed that the situation could easily be reversed.

Apple told Edge magazine that concerns about the 'structural rigidity' of the iPad Pro were not confirmed and that it 'supported the product '.

It is not clear whether users who buy a slightly curved iPad can replace or return it without any problem.

The last time Apple encountered a device problem was in 2014, when the 'curved door' broke out because of repeated bending problems in the iPhone 6 Plus '.

apple under fire as it admits some ipads ship with a

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