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Application of mobile phone prototype and SLA laser rapid prototyping technology in prototype model industry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2012-11- 07 21: 39

Is there a convenient and fast prototype model production technology for the application of mobile phone prototype and SLA laser rapid prototyping technology in the prototype model industry that can be like a printer, print out the 3D map calmly and quickly, and a product can be completed in a few minutes, greatly saving the user's time and money? The answer is yes, the breakthrough of SLA laser rapid prototyping technology makes this technology a reality. SLA Laser Rapid prototyping is such a way of processing. Because it is a stacked laser rapid molding, there is no special limit on the composition of the product, whether it is a reverse buckle or a more complicated composition, as long as the 3D map can be designed, it can be formed into a physical object, and then combined with the processing method of silicone mold, it can be produced in batches. This is the most common use in mobile phone prototypes. The 3D picture of the mobile phone prototype has a lot of inverted buckles. These inverted buckles are modified by the structure. They need to have certain strength and toughness, and they can't be broken in one fold. Therefore, when the prototype of the mobile phone is processed, some poor components cannot be generated, otherwise it cannot be assembled, and the entire product processing will fail. From: Shenzhen prototype model http://www . Sztuowei. Com/

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