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Application of prototype model in modern industrial design (2)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2014-07- 10 08:49

Application of prototype model in modern industrial design (2)

This method has more obvious advantages in the design of artwork that focuses on the change of surface modeling, because the appearance and shape of the artwork focuses on people's direct aesthetic feelings, it is often irregular to follow, and it is difficult to find the regular geometric elements in it. If the computer is directly drawn in 3D, it is half the effort, even if the model is established, its subsequent modification is very poor.

If you go the other way, the shape designer will first directly shape the shape with materials such as oil mud, then the model is parameterized by the 3D scanning device, the computer data of the original model is obtained, and then copied by the rapid model device, which can greatly improve the design efficiency.

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