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applications of stereolithography for rapid prototyping of biologically compatible chip-based physiometers

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
Although the demand in the biomedical field is increasing and applications are increasing, the development of micro-fluid devices for small model organisms is limited compared with other fields of bio-microfluids.
The main reason for this stage is the difficulty in prototyping the millimeter-level and high aspect ratio devices required for large post-living animals organisms.
In this case, standard exposure is a time-consuming procedure and is not easy to apply to mold manufacturing with a vertical size of more than 1mm.
In addition, for the vast majority of biomedical laboratories willing to customize their own chips, photography is still difficult to achieve --
Due to the cost and the need for dedicated clean room facilities, platform-based.
In this work, we introduced Gao
Defined additive manufacturing system for manufacturing 3D printing molds for soft exposure.
Combining 3D printing with silicone rubber copy molding seems to be an alternative to a micro-fluid system that produces a rapid, cost-effective prototype pipeline.
We study important aspects of 3D printing molds and silicone rubber replicas such as geometric accuracy and surface topology.
Our results show that SLA technology can be used to quickly and accurately manufacture for capturing mm-
Specimens of the size of the live zebrafish fish larvae.
We applied a new manufacturing method in a proof. of-
Concept prototype device, capable of capturing and fixing live zebrafish fish larvae for recording heart rate changes in aerobic exercise
Toxicity experiment
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