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artificial ‘bone’ can help make lighter, cheaper spacecraft

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Los Angeles: Scientists have developed a new light but very solid material inspired by complex human skeleton microstructure, a finding that could pave the way for lighter and cheaper spacecraft.
This material is made with a high
Technology 3D printer, can help create the super future
Lightweight materials that can be used for microfluid installations or for the manufacture of light spacecraft.
\"Creating lighter and stronger new materials is a long-term goal in the field of engineering,\" said lead author Jens Bauer, a mechanical engineer at the calhouea Institute of Technology in Germany.
The wood and bones are porous but still strong.
This is because of how the airbag is arranged.
There is a complex building pattern in which the fragments of the bones criss across all airbags designed to withstand the load.
The researchers used a 3D laser tablet machine to make very tiny micro
Structure of ceramics-
Polymer composite material.
The light building materials are very hard, the researchers said.
They exceed the strength-weight ratio of all engineering materials with a density less than water.
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