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artist turns 1971 ford into 3d printed masterpiece

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
If you want to see the future, walk into Ioan Florea studio on Lake Shelby, Illinois.
Froreia, Romanian
The born artist turned the practice of 3D printing to the head and used the machine to print the plastic, which he later converted into metal for his large, complex sculpture.
Imagine the steering wheel that was cast to fit your two hands, or the designer house that was collectively produced.
Florea hopes that when you see his work, you can think of these possibilities, especially the 1971 Ford Torino he \"encapsulates\" in tabular form --
Install metal with 3D printer and nanomaterials.
Florea sees himself as a pioneer of the third industrial revolution, the era of mass customization predicted by economist Jeremy Rifkin in 2011.
If the second industrial revolution, born on the production line of the Ford factory, brought about the normalization, then the third industrial revolution relied on 3D printers. day prophets.
In 2012, The Economist announced the upcoming revolution, with few profiles of the tool.
\"Its software can be adjusted endlessly and it can do anything,\" the article wrote . \".
\"The cost of setting up the machine is the same, whether it is to make a thing or to put as much as possible inside the machine.
\"Froreia\'s view of the Cyrus cylinder, an ancient Persian artifact sometimes referred to as the\" first human rights charter \".
\"Florea wrote his very enlarged version in the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Of course, there are limitations.
Most 3D printers are currently producing plastic products.
Although metal objects can be printed (
This terrible gun)
They are very demanding.
A terminal printer that runs to nearly a million dollars.
Florea says what sets him apart is his \"transfer process \".
He won\'t reveal the model of his printer. -
He said he was reluctant to advertise. -
But to be clear, this is a lower one. end machine.
His process starts with 3D plastic printing.
He used these as blueprints to expand them into large resin molds to help him shape liquid nanometersmetals (
From calcium carbonate to titanium dioxide]
Into a huge sculpture suitable for any object he chooses to transform, whether it\'s a 1800 car or a covered vanA 200-year-
Old Carriage Florea got from local collectors.
To protect its integrity, Florea created a secondary cover.
Ford has shown interest in the transfer process.
Car companies use 3D printers to make prototype parts that may look out of date next to designer metal at the Florea studio.
But even if he perfected and changed his approach, Florea kept his approach secret.
\"As an artist, that\'s where the advantage lies,\" he said . \"
\"You can do experiments.
\"Correction: The last version of this article incorrectly identified the source of Cyrus Cylinder.
It\'s Persian, not Turkish.
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