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assentworks secures 3d printer with new expansion

by:Tuowei     2019-08-24
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 28/2/2015 (2284 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
A local company with innovative 3D image printing capabilities has many ideas on how to spend some government money.
Kerry Stevenson, director of Winnipeg
AssentWorks, one of Canada\'s largest and most convenient public-
The manufacturing center will receive a funding announcement from federal cabinet minister Vic tois this morning. The 10 a. m.
The event will be held at the assentworks office at 125 Adelaide Street.
In the exchange area.
Stevenson failed to disclose the amount of the check that AssentWorks was expecting, but said he would accept the check \"gracefully\" and talk about the Phase 2 development plan for the check.
These plans include more than doubling the space of 6,500.
Squarefoot extension, buy additional manufacturing equipment and have a new start-
More businesses will be in next week.
He said the facility was run for the benefit of members and did something for their business.
\"It\'s like we\'re running a gym where people come and do their own fitness programs,\" Stevenson said . \".
Nearly 100 members of assentworks produce about three prototypes a week, which is \"shocking,\" Stevenson said \".
\"Some of them are coming to a big moment now,\" he said . \".
A product called Heft. a clip-
On the ergonomic handle of a long handle tool such as a shovel, the user can move the heavier snow
It was recently broadcast on CBC Television\'s Dragon Cave.
The owner has just signed a distribution agreement with a national retailer.
Stevenson said Assad\'s intention was to start work without government assistance, but when Ottawa called, of course, he was willing to listen.
He said: \"We opened in October 2011 and made ends meet in three months . \"geoff.
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