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autodesk unveils 3d printer as it aims to become industry\'s android

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
Autodesk -
Leading 3D modeling softwaremaker -
Enter the hardware field with your own 3D printer.
Chief executive Carl Bass revealed the news at the MakerCon conference in California.
In addition to selling machines, Autodesk will also allow other manufacturers to make their own version of the printer free of charge or turn off the software to power their own models.
Buzz likened the move to Google\'s push for Android apps.
One analyst said the effort should encourage the adoption of the technology.
\"Printers are a real attempt to prove the nature of the Autodesk platform\'s interoperable and open source nature,\" said Pete barryer, research director at Gartner\'s technology agency . \".
\"By sharing its design, we can see the second wave of small startup --
Ups makes a stereo molding machine like the manufacturer did when the early material extrusion patent expired.
3D printers create objects by using laser hardened liquid plastic.
UV exposure to Crossroads
Before the unused material is disposed of, cover the part of the desired design on the thin exposed layer plastic resin to make it strong.
This process is repeated. by-
Until the object is completed.
This is different from the most commonly used extrusion technology for existing budget printers, which includes manufacturing objects by squeezing melted plastic from tiny nozzles.
The production process of Stereolithographic is more complex, but can provide objects that are smoother, more complex and more detailed.
Only about 56,500 3D.
Printers priced at less than $100,000 (£59,576)
According to Gartner, it was sold last year.
However, it predicts that this number will grow to about 200,000 units next year, and then continue to experience \"explosive growth\", with commercial procurement initially accounting for most of the demand.
Bass compared the new printer to Google\'s first Nexus smartphone, a product designed to inspire other manufacturers to install Android on their phones instead of becoming a best seller.
In the case of Autodesk, the idea is to drive the adoption of its new Spark software, which compares the product to a \"3D operating system\"printing\".
Buss told the BBC that he wants others to use this to improve 3D technology.
\"One limitation at the moment is in material science --
This chemical reaction, \"he said.
\"We are making a printer where you can load whatever material you want, not just the ability to load the proprietary material.
You can make your own polymers and experiment with them.
\"This is an important next step, because we believe that material science is a breakthrough that must be made [1 [the industry]go from low-volume 3D-
Printing stuff, it\'s really starting to change manufacturing.
He added that although he presented both Spark and printer designs at the same time, autodesk should still make a profit because if 3D printing is successful, this move will drive demand for other products of the company, because the only way you can print is if you have a 3D model, our customers are the largest 3D model manufacturer in the world. \"
\"My feeling is that 3D printing is over --
Hype for family use, but not enough
He expressed appreciation for its industrial possibilities.
\"I think we\'re at the beginning of a new way of manufacturing, and we\'re just trying to get it started.
Autodesk has not yet published the price and release date of its printer.
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