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Awesome! This Changsha prototype factory can process the whole 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-11- 12 17: 04

if a general customer makes a prototype, he encounters a prototype with a smaller size and is more convenient to process. Sometimes, the prototype factory will also encounter some large-sized prototypes, especially those with a length of more than 1 m, which are more troublesome to process. Mr. Zhang in Changsha encountered such a problem, so he searched'Changsha prototype factory'The extension model was found.

The prototype size made by Mr. Zhang is relatively large, reaching 1. 5 m, the general processing equipment of Changsha prototype model factory is difficult to achieve this trip. If it is necessary to process, it can only be disassembled and processed, mainly by dividing the products into several small pieces and Gong them out separately, after surface treatment, the products will be spliced together. This situation is only suitable for the larger and more complex prototype. The consequence of this is that the appearance of the prototype will leave traces of splicing, and the firmness of the prototype is not strong.

The relevant business manager of the extension dimension model told Mr. Zhang, the company mainly uses a large CNC machining center to make a prototype. The general equipment schedule can reach 2000, and the whole process can be processed when processing a larger prototype, unless the prototype is too complicated, non-removable. Mr. Zhang looked at Changsha prototype factory-- After the relevant video of the extension model, I hesitated for a while, or cooperated with the extension model.

If you need to find a Changsha prototype model factory with a large processing schedule, you might as well look at the extension model, 2000mm of the processing stroke can be processed in the whole part of the prototype.

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