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awesome tech you can’t buy yet: liquid plastic welders and cheap 3d printers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
At any given moment, there will be countless different crowdfunding campaigns on the Web.
Check out Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you\'ll find that there\'s no shortage of weird, useless and downright stupid projects-and some real gems.
We have completed the case of Pebble clones and janky iPhones to collect the most unusual, ambitious and exciting new crowdfunding projects of the week.
That is to say, please keep in mind that any crowdfunding project
Even the most kind
May fail, so do good homework before checking your dream gadget.
3D printers are getting cheaper.
It\'s actually a lot cheaper.
In the early days, it was not uncommon for even the most basic printers to be as high as $3,000, but in just a few years the average price plummeted.
Now you can buy dozens of printers for $500, some even cheaper than that.
Black obsi Stone is the latest addition to this sub$200 club.
On Kickstarter, it costs just $99 and it\'s easy to be one of the most affordable printers we \'ve ever seen.
In addition to its commitment to VR
The main selling point of the black obsi stone 3D printer is the integrated design and ridiculously low price tagof-the-box, assembly-
Free ease of use and charming look.
Starting at $99, you can choose the model in black or white, which is designed to spit out objects that are comparable to the quality of the printer at a much higher price.
The $249 \"black obsi Stone deluxe\" model is more advanced and comes with a smart LCD screen, heated bed, built-in
In the camera, etc.
Whether it\'s a big or small basket, a simple platform, or a few straps on the back rack, Cero One has the ability to carry out some serious shipping.
Cero Bikes has launched up to 12 different combinations, specifically designed Bikes that are different from many combinations currently on the market.
It uses a smaller front wheel to assist the larger front cargo and also relies on a lower center of gravity to achieve excellent stability.
The company is also equipped with wide balloon tires for bicycles to increase the balance and smoothness of the rideOutside of its structure, and Cero One also offers several pedals
Auxiliary drive mode.
Buyers are able to cruise at a speed of 20 miles per hour, and when switching to normal mode, buyers can expect 44 miles, 62 miles from its high drive mode, when set to Eco mode, it\'s a staggering 93 miles away.
For most people who want commuter bikes, these range beyond the ability to serve them for a dayto-day basis.
With hammock camping becoming more and more popular, the equipment available has evolved over the past few years. Case in point?
A company called outdoor vitals recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise a new product called MummyPodin-
A sleep system designed from the ground, taking into account the hammock campers.
The complete MummyPod system consists of three parts: sleeping bags, hammocks and tarps.
All of these elements are designed to work together to create a lightweight but highly versatile option that can be used almost anywhere.
The weight of the whole system is only 4 lbs.
The 4 pounds backpack, with a very small footprint, takes up less space than traditional sleeping bags, sleeping bags and tents.
When deployed, MummyPod acts as a cocoon, wrapped outside the hammock to provide warmth and protection from elements.
This is different from the traditional sleeping bag placed inside the sling.
Why buy a new smartwatch when you can upgrade your old watch?
This is the question Gooseberry answers with its smart buckle, a small device that has a lot to do with your existing accessories.
It is hailed as the first \"device to intelligently upgrade classic clocks through advanced step, calorie, activity and sleep monitoring functions.
So if you don\'t want to give up the feeling of your familiar watch and instead want some innovative technology, it could be your solution.
\"Many of us have been wearing watches for years, sometimes as a tradition, sometimes as a fashion choice for individuals . \"
The founder of currant said.
\"We want to create a product that allows people to wear their favorite watches while also taking advantage of current technological trends to get smart watch features like fitness tracking.
\"In order to inject new vitality into your existing watch, all you have to do is replace the buckle --
From there, you can track how many calories you burn, the distance you walk through, your pace, and even your sleep habits.
Glue is very useful, but it is not the most useful.
Friendly things in the world.
It is messy, clumsy and difficult to apply precisely.
But now thanks to the dentist. turned-inventor Dr.
Thomas Offerman, there may be better options.
Offerman\'s Bondic system allows you to combine two materials with liquid plastics that Harden under UV light, instead of squeezing some adhesive out of the tube at will.
Do you know those small UV glue guns that dentists use to fill small cavities before they get too serious?
It\'s basically the exact same adhesive technology, just a little tweaked and redesigned for different purposes. To use Bondic —
Or more specifically, the new one. and-
Improved Bondic Evo
You just have to apply the required amount of liquid plastic on whatever you want to fix.
Goop can bind almost anything (
Plastic, metal, fiberglass, wood, fabric, etc. ), and the high-
The precision extrusion tip allows you to apply as much adhesive as you need.
This adhesive will remain liquid until you shine it with UV rays, so you are free to fiddle with it and make adjustments before you commit to hardening.
After about 4 seconds of direct UV exposure, the plastic becomes as hard as a rock, but not hard, so it is not easy to polish and organize.
Once you\'re done, you can either Archive and smooth it, or add additional layers for extra strength.
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