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Can 3d printing replace CNC Machining Prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2017-09- 05 19: 09

there is a lens in the 'Zodiac' starring Jackie Chan that makes people shine in front of him. Jackie Chan wears a glove and has a lot of sensors on the gloves, after touching the beast's head, the 3D printer will play an identical beast head. In addition, there are so many advertisements now, and they all blow 3D printing to heaven. Some time ago, another news was to introduce foreign scientists to print a house using 3d printing technology. Therefore, many people think that 3d printers can do everything and print everything.

at last year's high-tech fair, many people asked me, what process did your prototype model use? I answered them that we use cnc machining, but many people ask questions. Why don't you use 3d printing instead of cnc machining? It seems that 3d printing has been recognized by the market, but as customers, they don't know a very real problem. 3d printing is only suitable for small products, general electronic products and so on, or as a design company, it is OK to make a mass model. Like our professional medical shell prototype model, it seems that 3d printing is not quite realized. The reason for this should be known, even if you can print it out, it's a pain to do post-processing on your surface.

I did China Aerospace in 2014 set of prototype models, at the beginning of the quotation, I only reported 1 W. The customer felt expensive. I found several 3d printing to quote. Their quotations were in the early 4 words, and they did not include the surface treatment fee, the customer later asked me to make several sets of prototype models. At that time, I always had questions. Later, I asked the customer's engineer privately: is this prototype model expensive? Why do you ask me to do it? The customer reply is that 3d printing is more than 4 times that of me. Do you think it can be done? At that time, I was joking with the engineer because my quotation was too low. Should I quote a little more expensive.

3d printing processing video

CNC machining the advantage is that the processing is large, the disadvantage is that when processing complex workpieces, many parts need to be disassembled and then welded; The advantage of 3d printing is that it can print complex parts. The disadvantage is that it is high in the east and west. Therefore, when making a prototype, the two processing methods can complement each other, instead of adopting a single processing method.

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