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Can the plastic prototype be customized in batches?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-11- 10 15: 06

plastic prototypes are more common when making prototypes, basically accounting for 60% of all prototypes. Prototypes are generally used for participation. Most of the time, the number of things done is not too much, usually within ten, but sometimes they need to be processed in batches. Some people may ask, can plastic prototypes be customized in batches?

-- This question needs to be answered by looking at the situation. If the number of things to be done is dozens to hundreds, it can be processed by vacuum re-molding. If there are more, it is not impossible, but the problem of this capital. If the number reaches more than 500, it will be done by vacuum compound mold, which is not only costly, but also has a very long production cycle. At this time, it will be calculated by using open steel mold. For example, if the price of a prototype is 1000 yuan, the price of the vacuum compound mold can usually be controlled below 500 yuan. If the mold is opened, it can be controlled below 200 yuan.

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