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Can the stainless steel prototype be processed so small?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-10- 31 17: 35

In general, the prototype of stainless steel is made by CNC machining. However, CNC machining is mainly used to process large prototype parts with large volume. CNC machining has advantages. But if it is a relatively small stainless steel prototype, can the CNC machining method be done? Here is the introduction of Boge of the extension model to you.

In the month of September, the extension model is connected with a stainless steel headset prototype project. Because customers want to use these prototypes to participate in the exhibition, the accuracy requirements are relatively high and the accuracy is high, what's even more shocking is that the prototype is very small in size-- The size is only as large as the coin. The relevant business of the extension model is not prepared to take this order, but the general manager, Mr. ou Guojun, feels that it is a challenge and an opportunity, after making this stainless steel prototype, it will be more emboldened to chat with customers in the future.

in order to process this stainless steel prototype, the tuowei model uses a 5-axis machine and has been equipped with an experienced operator. Finally, the stainless steel prototype has been made within the specified time. The customer is very satisfied with this, and highly praised the spirit of the pioneering model.

so a small stainless steel prototype can also be machined, prototype factories that say they can't process just don't want to accept the challenge.

fused deposition modeling has become a standardized way of dealing with tuowei prototype.
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