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canadian government improving database accessibility: clement

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 12/7/12 (2516 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Ottawa is taking action to disclose a lot of government data, and Treasury chairman Tony Clement said the move is not in contradiction with his government\'s reputation for information control.
\"The evidence is that when you open this
Government initiative, we have made progress on three stools
\"Open information, open data, and open dialogue,\" Clement told a group of people at the Liberty News Cafe on Thursday.
Clement visited a prototype lab in the exchange area in Winnipeg and publicized the opening of his government
Data Initiative, a plan to publish government databases online so that researchers, journalists
Profits and businesses interested in mobile applications.
Clement said Ottawa has collected valuable data over the years on everything from pollution emissions to border waiting times to building permits.
But the data is hidden like your grandmother\'s silverware.
\"A New Portal has been set to one-
Clement said it is planned to improve the search and download features and add more databases to the list.
The Harper government has been widely criticized for banning staff, scientists and backbenchers from speaking, cutting off the debate in the House of Commons and concealing information from the public and independent officials in Parliament, and obsessed with micro-management of its image.
But Mr Clement said there was no reason for criticism, saying Ottawa was trying to improve and simplify access --to-
Public access to government data.
\"I don\'t think we\'re far behind, but we have to move forward on that,\" Clement said . \". \"The 2.
This will be a decent version of 0.
On Thursday morning, Tony Clement, chairman of the Treasury Board, visited a small-
Famous Gems of Winnipeg business-
AssentWorks prototype lab in the exchange area.
Its tool walls, metal processing equipment and cardboard walls look a bit like homemade industrial art classrooms.
In fact, in order to test new inventions and attract investors, local entrepreneurs can get expensive equipment here to make prototypes.
Clement played a new version of the electronic version of WhacA-
The Aqu game was developed by Aquaventronics and checked a 3D printer that created a plastic model of the prototype design.
At AssentWorks, there is also a prototype of a new machine that uses light to separate good grains from defective ones.
Inventor David Prystupa says the machine will be field tested this fall and next year, and farmers can earn $30 to $40 more per bushel.
AssentWorks is a non-
The profit adventure that opened last fall has been broken due to dues and sponsors.
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