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Car wheel prototype by CNC and Vacuum casting

Car wheel prototype by CNC and Vacuum casting



When the car is moving, the wheels need to bear a lot of pressure, so when the wheel prototype is made, the material with higher strength is usually chosen to do, so that the test result is more accurate. In the material that makes model, the material with bigger strength has PC and metallic material, nevertheless for the sake of safety, do with metallic material better.

The wheel hand plate in the following figure is made of aluminum alloy material, which is processed by CNC. The surface treatment technology is very simple, only polishing and painting. The following is a detailed introduction:

CNC machining: program language input into the computer, through the program command processing, CNC machining center above the cutter in accordance with the set path on the aluminum alloy material movement, so that the prototype of the gongs.

Hand grinding: use sandpaper to smooth the knife marks and burrs on the hand plate to facilitate the next surface treatment.

Spray paint: in polished to a certain degree of rough hand, spray on a number of layers of paint. Compared with ordinary paint, baking paint has better high temperature resistance and stronger color development.

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