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Caring for employees, all employees of the extension model experience

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 04 14: 32

physical examination is very necessary for everyone. It allows us to fully understand our health, once small problems are found, they can be adjusted in time. Some people feel good about themselves and never feel uncomfortable, so they will not take the initiative to check or simply not go to the medical examination, which is very irresponsible to themselves. Based on this situation, the leaders of tuowei model invited Guangshen hospital to come to our company for experience.

two days before the physical examination, the company told employees not to eat breakfast on that day, which will lead to an increase in blood viscosity and affect the test results of blood, but some people still secretly ate breakfast!

one item of experience is to do chest penetration. The purpose of doing chest penetration is to mainly look at whether there is any abnormality in the heart, liver and lung, tuberculosis is mainly found. The person who has a physical examination needs to enter the car and stand upright. At ordinary times, it takes about 5-7 seconds, wait for the doctor to say it is OK to leave.

The second item of physical examination is blood pressure measurement, just set the instrument on the arm, and after a while, the number will be displayed on the blood pressure meter, most people's blood pressure is normal, and Shao Shuai measured it as 128/95. The doctor said that his blood pressure is a bit high. He suggested that he pay attention to weight loss at ordinary times.

Another item is blood test, when collecting blood, you need to insert the needle into the blood vessel to draw blood, but the little brother seems to be a little scared and dare not look directly.

passed the physical examination, it can reduce the work inconsistency caused by illness and absence and affect the progress of the work, and effectively ensure the delivery.

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