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celebrate mardi gras with john besh

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
Besh Restaurant Group from the native state of Luis Anna and John Besh, The Next Iron Chef final, have been celebrating carnival since childhood.
He remembers, \"the evening parade was held for the older crowd, but on the day of the Carnival (Fat Tuesday)
I got together with my parents and all their friends on St. Charles Avenue to eat jambalaya and eat and enjoy friends and family all day long.
On that day, we will look for Zulu coconut in our first parade.
\"The tradition continues with his wife and children, who visited the parade route of the carnival and ate red beans and rice, fried chicken and jambalaya on Tuesday.
From King\'s Day, of course, everyone starts eating King\'s cake.
Besh recalls, as a child, \"You eat King\'s cake at least once a week in class, if not more, until Fat Tuesday, and every piece of cake reminds you of the excitement of Carnival
\"In all these king cake consumption, Besh definitely found his share of the porcelain, one of which was hidden in the cake.
This custom requires the discoverer to provide next year\'s cake and we bet everyone is happy when Besh gets that job.
If you\'re making your first king cake, he says, \"Imagine it as a big Danish pastry with Carnival colors.
\"If you feel creative, get inspiration from a pastry chef at the Besh Restaurant who is redefining the classic king cake.
Lisa White, a pastry chef at Domenica, made caramel-and-
The walnut king cake stuffed with bananas is covered with spots of real gold and silver.
Carnival is part of New Orleans becoming the city.
When Besh has a chance to take a float, it\'s even more obvious how interesting the city is --wide party is.
\"You put on the mask and no one knows who you are and you roll up your sleeves for the party.
You see all the people just for fun.
Once you hear the drums, the music and the band, you have to dance.
\"Of course, if you can still move after eating one of his delicious recipes, just below.
Pork and sausage Jambalaya from Andrews McMeel Publishing Serves 10-12 1/2 pound bacon, 1 onion, 1/2 bell pepper, 1 celery, 1 slice 3 cups uncooked converted Louis 1 teaspoon smoked red pepper 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper slices 5 cups chicken soup 1 cup tomato sauce or chopped canned tomato scallions in Anna state, report on the final accounts of broken salt Tabasco.
In a huge heavy
Bottom pot, cook bacon in medium pot
About 3 minutes until the fat is rendered.
Add onions and stir often until brown.
Add sweet pepper, celery and sausage.
Stir for another 3 minutes, then add rice, peppers, Baili leaves and red pepper slices. 2.
Heat to high heat, add chicken soup and tomato sauce, then add pork and scallions.
Stir well and boil.
Cover, reduce the heat to low and cook for 18 minutes.
Remember, pork and sausage are ready.
At this point, you only make rice.
Take out the pot from the fire and prepare to serve!
Season with salt and Tabasco.
King\'s cake from Andrews mcmel press 10-
Because of the humidity fluctuation, the moisture in the flour also fluctuates, so once you start to knead, you may need to add a little more flour.
What you really want is the dough pulling apart from the side of the mixing bowl, so if this doesn\'t happen while you knead, you have to add a spoonful or two.
1 cup warm milk 2 tablespoons dry yeast 1/2 cup sugar 3 3/4 cup flour 3 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon lemon peel 2 butter, melted 5 eggs egg yolk icing 2 cups powdered sugar 4 tablespoons condensed milk 1 teaspoon lemon juice purple, green and gold decorative sugar 1 feve or plastic baby insert after baking Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
In a large mixing bowl, mix warm milk with dry yeast, sugar and a small spoon of flour, while stirring with a wire mixer until both sugar and yeast are dissolved.
Once the surface of the milk mixture starts to bubble or bubble, it is time to add the remaining cake ingredients.
When the dough gets together like a big ball, knead the dough on a clean but flour surface for 15 minutes or until smooth and elastic.
Put the dough back into the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, then move to the eating water
Place freely in the kitchen for 1 1/2 hours or until the dough is doubled in volume.
Once the dough has gone up and beat it down, divide the dough into three equal parts to form a long roll of dough, you can weave or wrap the rest and then form a circle.
Place the woven pastry circle on non-stick biscuit paper and let it go up half more
About an hour until its size doubles again.
Once the size of the cake has doubled, place the cookie slices in the oven for 30 minutes or until the cake turns golden brown.
Take out the cake and cool it on the wire rack for about 30 minutes.
When the cake is cooled, mix the powdered sugar, condensed milk and lemon juice together and stir with a small silk mixer so that the icing is smooth and easy to apply.
If it is too strong, add a little condensed milk;
If it\'s too loose, add some sugar powder.
After the cake cools, sprinkle the icing on the top of the cake and sprinkle purple, green and gold decorative sugar while the icing is still wet.
Insert a feve or plastic baby on the lower side of the cake if you wish, transfer the cake to the plate and serve.
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