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ces 2012: the best gadgets and products from this year’s show

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
There may not be a breakthrough hit at this year\'s Consumer Electronics Show, but there are still a lot of gadgets that tech geeks notice.
Haykayama Hayley highlighted some of these products: 1)
3D system Cube printer: 3D printing is one of the technical areas that really seem to change our lives. . .
It would be nice if it could catch up.
For those who are not familiar with the idea, the 3D printer will spit out plastic instead of ink to make small and practical items such as cookie cutters, pawns and even shoes for the home.
Cube 3D printer is one of the first products to flirt with consumers --
The price range is friendly and starts at $1,299.
While it is unlikely that they will be in every home soon, this is a step to make 3D printing more common. 2)
HP envies 14 ghosts: This stunning Gorilla Glass-
The covered ultrabook is HP\'s first non-covered ultrabook.
Merchant consumers
It weighs only 3 lbs.
9 pounds and measures are slightly lower than 0. 8 inches thick.
Good display and beat-
Brand speakers, Ultrabook will definitely be popular with fashionforward —
Just pay attention to the fingerprint. 3)
Sharp Aquos smart board: the whiteboard is yesterday\'s news if Sharp has anything to say about it.
The idea of smart classrooms is another one that is not really popular, although universities and colleges across the country have smart boards.
With Sharp\'s Aquos smart board, corporate executives and professors can really use 80-, 70-or 60-inch screens. 4)
Dell XPS 13: Dell XPS 13 is not as notable as HP\'s latest ultrabook, but because of its i5-(or i7-)
Internal and edge power-to-edge display.
Starting at $999, this super
The ultra-thin computer is competitive with the MacBook Air in shape and price.
According to The Associated Press, \"cheaper tablets, thinner laptops and a range of more stylish TVs\" are the highlights of this year\'s conference: cheaper tablets --
The industry\'s enthusiasm for tablets was much weaker than last year, when hundreds of manufacturers thought they could take advantage of the iPad\'s success by using their own Google-based model
Android software.
Sales are disappointing, largely because the price of Apple\'s iPad is relatively low compared to manufacturing costs.
Then, at the end of last year, Amazon. com Inc.
Shows you can compete with Apple by selling a smaller bare metal tablet for $199.
Analysts believe Amazon sold millions of Kindle Fires in less than a month.
Now Asian manufacturers are hoping to catch up with Amazon.
Taiwan ASUS Computer Co. , Ltd. is one of them.
Shows a tablet with fire
Screen size and said it will be sold for $249.
It is much more powerful than the Fire, with advanced \"quad-core\" processors.
Nevertheless, one of the reasons for the success of the fire is
Amazon Electronic Library
Books, music and movies
Will be missing.
Nokia Lumia 900
In recent years, Nokia, Finland, the world\'s largest mobile phone maker
Almost a No. show in the U. S. market.
Great harm to the company
Now, Microsoft is hoping to launch a smartphone running Microsoft.
Windows Phone software.
The Lumia 900 is the first such phone for AT&T networks and the first Nokia phone to use AT&T\'s faster wireless \"LTE\" network.
To show sales of these phones, Microsoft and Nokia ceo both attended the conference on Monday.
The companies did not disclose prices and availability. T-
Smaller mobile American companies started selling a more generic Lumia this week. Lenovo K800 —
When Nokia was shut out of the USS.
Intel\'s telephone market
The world\'s largest chip maker has been completely banned from using mobile phones.
Its PC chips use too much power on smartphones: they run out of batteries very quickly.
This is a big problem for the company because PC sales in developed countries are flat while smartphone sales are surging.
Now, Intel and Lenovo say the new chip series can be used for smartphones.
China is the first country to accept them and will sell smartphones in China in the second quarter.
On the surface, it is no different from any other touch screen phone, it is running Android.
Venture Beat\'s Brian Lam also offers his choice for the show\'s most notable Gadget: A Tramp phone: the espareone is the most important phone on CES, A simple phone that can be charged with AA Batteries
Ideal for storage as emergency calls as well as prepaid SIM cards.
Art camera: This is the only gadget at the show that melts my heart every time I think of it.
Fuji has launched a swap lens camera called theXPro-
This is what even ordinary people crave after the X100 street camera they adore. Why?
The X100 looks like rangefinder/leica, can be controlled manually when you need it, and takes great photos using a fast fixed lens. X1-
Pro camera is a follow-up product that will have a variable lens and it is possible to use Leica M bayonet lenses with adapters, Fuji said.
It will also have an awesome set of lenses with three prime numbers: an equivalent lens with a width of 50mm and a moderate zoom macro.
This is a quick shot that brings a romantic defocus background to your photos and makes every place look like Paris.
The body only has $1700, which is the price of the DSLR, but the image should keep up with the SLR camera for the same price.
I want this more than anything I see at the show, and I think I might be more than the same amazing Sony NEX-
The camera is technically shocking, but the lens selection is average and is not worth $1300.
If you would like to know more about this camera, please check the preview of DP review.
That\'s all the footage I\'m focusing on at CES.
But wow, I care about this camera.
Drone for the rest of us: Parrot AR Drone 2.
0 is the update of ipad-
The controlled four helicopter toy makes it more serious and cheap as an aerial photography tool.
Stay where new and better (
It has a air pressure sensor that allows it to maintain its height more stably)
And HD wireless cameras.
When I see it running, the drone is wandering around in the same place and occasionally flips in the air.
It\'s also $300 cheaper than the previous one. I want one.
My dream is to fly on the beach and shoot the ocean from above.
Big TV: the real role of TV, as always, is not super-high-end concept TV, but Panasonic and Samsung plasma TV that people will eventually have.
Samsung\'s amazing D7000 plasma hd TV is one of the best TVs of the last year, and as a TV, its follow-up in PNE8000 will also be great.
It will have gestures and voice commands, which is a useful way to control the TV when the remote is on safari.
Given how hard it is for Microsoft to master the Xbox\'s Kinect and its voice and motion controls, it can be bad.
More information from the Washington Post: Google\'s New Search FAQ Apple first disclosed its suppliers, when will Facebook reach 1 billion users?
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